This One-Stop Food Vendor Cafe In Johor Offers Vietnamese Beef Noodle Salad & More

Hello Foodies! Some of us reserve exciting activities for the weekend while others may take a different route and unwind instead. If you’re the latter but still want to spend time out of the house, then this cozy cafe in Johor is the perfect spot for you! Known as the famous one-stop online food vendor, Neli By Nellysa, prepare to kick back and relax when you step into this food heaven!

Neli By Nellysa: One-Stop Online Food Vendor

Photo: @neli.bynellysa (Instagram)

Located at Joho HQ, make your way to Neli by Nellysa where you’ll be greeted with a lovely garden ambiance. The cafe gives a fresh, clean look, and creates a peaceful vibe that puts you at ease. So while you loosen up and slip into relaxation, make sure to snap some IG-worthy pictures here and level up the aesthetics of your feed.

Photo: @neli.bynellysa (Instagram)

The cafe concept is mainly a food vendor. This is where selected eatery vendor put their food to sell here. Featuring pastries, coffee, desserts, have a taste of the favorites like Lemon cake, Banana muffin, and more.

Photo: @neli.bynellysa (Instagram)

Perfect For A Picnic Date!

Craving for something slightly heavier? For something a little more unique, give their Lemang periuk kera a-go! One bite into this rare lemang, and you’ll instantly fall head over heels especially if you love unique flavours. Pair that with a refreshing canned drink and you’ll be good to go. The small meal should be enough to tie you over til’ dinner time!

Photo: @neli.bynellysa (Instagram)

So when your work week’s been hectic and you’re in need of a break from it all, head to Neli by Nellysa and wash your stress away for the perfect picnic date!

Photo: @neli.bynellysa (Instagram)

Status: Muslim-Owned

Address: Stulang Darat, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor (Inside JOHO HQ)

Operation Hours: 10 AM – 6 PM (Closed on Monday)

Link(s): Instagram

Featured Image(s): @neli.bynellysa (Instagram)

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