Singapore to Resume Renewal of VEP for Foreign Vehicles Starting From Oct 1

Good day foodies, here’s a heads up for you guys. With talks ongoing on the reopening of Singapore-Malaysia border, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore has just confirmed that they will reinforce the 14-day VEP renewal requirement for all foreign-registered cars and motorcycles. This will take effect starting from 1 October 2020.

14-day VEP Renewal Required for All Foreign Vehicles Travelling to Singapore:

Photo: Malay Mail

According to a statement of LTA, effective on 1 October 2020, all foreign-registered vehicle who wish to enter Singapore will have to renew their VEP permits. This applies even to vehicles that have entered Singapore prior to 1 October 2020.

The reinforcement comes into effect six months after the LTA first waived the requirement in March 2020.

Those who wish to extend their stay in the Lion City will have to extend the VEP validity period for their vehicles every 14 days by paying the VEP fees. We would like to urge you guys to take this seriously as the LTA will impose penalties on those with expired VEPs starting from 15 October 2020.

Photo: The Straits Time

Fret not, because you can now conveniently pay your VEP fees and apply for an extension at AXS Stations across Singapore. Or, visit LTA’s 24-hour autopass card top-up booths near Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints. Keep in mind that the booths are only applicable for fees less than 500SGD and for payment by autopass card.

Not sure of the total amount payable for your vehicle? Just use the LTA’s online calculator at www.onemotoring.com.sg, we hope this helps.

Foodies, we hope this piece of information finds you well. Don’t forget to tag your friends and let them be aware of this update. That’s all, stay safe and buh bye!

Source: The Straits Times

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