The Popular White Rabbit Milk Tea is having a 3 days Pop up at JB and you will not want to missed it!

Hello, friends. We will be welcoming September with a really fun event for all foodies! If you are a big foodie just like us, you wouldn’t want to miss out the opportunity of heading to Absolut Food Festival 2019. Here’s the deal. One of the best tea bars in Petaling Jaya, Yumcha, will be taking part in the biggest food festival. This is your chance to try out the famous White Rabbit Milk Tea!

Pop-up store by Yumcha Tea Bar

Photo: Yumcha Tea Bar

As it is the biggest food festival in Johor Bahru, there will be many food stalls for you to check out. But, the very first food stall you will need to visit is Yumcha Tea Bar! The Petaling Jaya establishment is known for its amazing fusion menu is dropping by the event. Coming to Johor Bahru for three days only, you will need to try White Rabbit Milk Tea!

Photo: Yumcha Tea Bar
Photo: Yumcha Tea Bar

White Rabbit Milk Tea has been creating a frenzy on the Internet this year. Yumcha Tea Bar is one of the pioneers of creating the perfect cup of White Rabbit flavoured concoction. The thirst-quenching beverage comes with eye-pleasing blue boba. It’s so good, Yumcha sold 1,100 on the first day of release! We believe that chewy is the right word! That’s not all, as Korean Fried Chicken Milk Tea will be available too!

Photo: Yumcha Tea Bar
Photo: Yumcha Tea Bar

The creative food packs a punch with sweet milk tea right down below, and Korean Fried Chicken placed on the lid of the beverage. The well-flavoured Korean Fried Chicken is accompanied by melting cheese! If you are looking for a full meal on the go, this is the combination that you have been looking for. Or, you can opt for Korean Kimchi Oden. Have a good time picking your orders!

Photo: Yumcha Tea Bar
Photo: Yumcha Tea Bar

Another amazing creation from Yumcha Tea Bar is Durian Potong Milk Cha. This is a must-try for every durian lovers out there. For the first time ever, real Musang King durian is used in the concoction. The super fun beverage comes with a delightful Durian Potong! It feels like you’re having two desserts together. Can we take a moment just to look at how beautiful golden bobas are?

Photo: Yumcha Tea Bar

This year, the combination of brown sugar and fresh milk has been making waves on the Internet as well. Combat the heat with Yumcha Tea Bar’s Black Sugar Boba Ice Cream. It is similar but in an ice cream form! It is the perfect dessert to combat the heat in Absolut Food Festival. You cannot get it anywhere else, as it is exclusively for the event only!

Photo: Yumcha Tea Bar

Foodies, this is a must-visit!

Photo: Absolut Food Festival (Facebook)

Try out these amazing creations by Yumcha Tea Bar at Absolut Food Festival. It is time to mark your calendars as the biggest food festival will be happening from 6th to 8th September 2019. Foodies, this is a must-visit! Located at Angsana Johor Bahru Mall, the time is from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. daily! It is time to elevate your bubble tea game with these amazing creations!

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Absolut Food Festival 

Address: Plaza Angsana Padang B, Johor Bahru.

Date: 6th to 8th September 2019

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Link(s): Absolut Food Festival Event Page

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