1 week ago

    10 Convenient, Best Eats Nearby CIQ For Both Locals & Tourists

    Calling all foodies at heart, today we’re back with a special curation of the best eats nearby CIQ. Not only…
    2 weeks ago

    8 Ikan Bakar Places in Johor You Definitely Need To Try!

    Calling all Ikan Bakar lovers, we are dedicating this post to you guys! This is because practically everyone loves delicious…
    2 weeks ago

    This Boat Noodle Joint in Johor Serves Authentic Thai Fares At RM 1.90 Only

    Hello foodies! Before we begin, we hope you guys are as healthy as a horse because in today’s writeup we’re…
    3 weeks ago

    10 Best Wanton Mee In Johor You Have To Try

    What’s up, Johor! How are you guys doing? Hopefully, you guys are doing fantastic and well. So today, we got…
    June 20, 2019

    This Curry Fish Head Stall in JB Serves Rich, Flavourful Curry Broth with Fresh Fish Meat

    Kam Long Curry Fish Head in JB Is A Must-Try Hi Hi foodies! It’s us again! Firstly, we just had…
    June 19, 2019

    Johor Seeking a Big Hit in a New Breed of Durian

    Many locals may know that Johor has long been amongst the top states in harvesting the largest amount of durian…

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