10 Unexpected Foods And Materials That You Should Never Heat Up In The Microwave

Hello, foodies! Microwaves are found in almost any house nowadays. It’s quick to heat up and you don’t need to wash a pan. It’s no doubt why most of us head towards the microwave when we are looking for a quick and easy way to heat up our food. However, little do we know about the danger of heating up the wrong thing! If you’re still wondering what they are, here are 10 unexpected things that you should never heat up in a microwave!

10 Unexpected Things That You Should Never Heat Up In The Microwave

1. Eggs

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First up on the list is a common food that we heat up in the microwave. While cooking a cracked egg in the microwave is considered ‘safer’ than an egg in the shell, you should still never put an egg in the microwave. Why? When an egg heats up, all the steam has nowhere to go in the shell. And if that builds up, the egg will explode even though you’ve already placed it in a bowl of water.

2. Paper Bags

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Paper bags are easily found in takeaways. Unless the paper bag is developed for use in the microwave like popcorn bags, you should never heat up your food in those brown paper bags. If you’ve done it before, listen to us and stop doing it now. That’s because when heating up paper bags, they actually release toxins into foods and can easily catch fire if the food becomes too hot.

3. Hot Peppers

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Who would have thought microwaves can bring you to tears? Heating up hot peppers in the microwave can release capsaicin that may cause you to choke and burn your eyes. Unless you enjoy the effect of pepper-spray, avoid placing these hot chili peppers in the microwave even if you want to add a little heat to your food.

4. Metal Utensils

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Despite most of the things listed here are quite new to many of us, it’s been a clear fact that we should never place any metals into the microwave. Be it forks, spoons or even aluminium foil. If you’re wondering, here’s why. The interior of a microwave is made out of metal and allows it to work as a mirror to reflect the radio waves. So if you place metal into the microwave, this makes it reflect back to the microwave and may burn the microwave!

5. Ketchup

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While it’s rare to heat up ketchup, there are still some people who try to heat it up. Be it in a bottle or a packet, heating up ketchup can cause a huge mess to your microwave. As ketchup starts to boil and the steam increases in the packet, the same thing will happen just like heating up an egg! So if you’re not a fan of cleaning and wiping the microwave, hear us out and don’t put ketchup in the microwave.

6. Plastic Containers

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Since young, we’ve always been told by our parents that you should never store hot water in plastic containers. Plastics will melt! Most importantly, they release a toxic called BPA that is known to link to several health issues. With the same concept, heating up food like butter or cheese in their plastic container releases BPA into your food. So keep this in mind before hitting the start button.

7. Fruits

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It’s great if you’re an explorer who loves to try out new things, but it’s not that fun when it comes to microwaving new things. ‘Curiosity kills the cat’ really does seem to make sense when you start to heat up fresh fruits in the microwave. With similar rules as heating up an egg, it can cause an explosion once the steam starts to pile up under the skin and it’s a mess you wouldn’t want to know.

8. Styrofoams

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Order delivery and your food come in those styrofoam containers. While you might think there is anything wrong with heating it up in the microwave, you’ve got it wrong. Styrofoams are a form of plastic, which means it will melt when it’s heated up. So, next time when you want to heat up your food, make sure to transfer it to a plate before heating.

9. Tumbler

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Tumblers are made out of plastics and metals. While tumblers do a good job of keeping your coffee hot, they should not be anywhere close to the microwave. Giving the same effect as metals and plastics, it’s always safer to pour them into a ceramic mug before heating them up.

10. Nothing

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Yes, you’ve seen that right. Pushing the start button without putting anything into the microwave is actually dangerous! When radiowaves have no destination to absorb into, they actually bounce back into the microwave. What can happen? It can potentially cause an explosion and start a deadly fire. So let’s better keep it safe and don’t play-play with microwaves.

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