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Get 2 Cups Of Milk Tea At Daboba Malaysia For Only RM9.99 Every Wednesday


  • Daboba Malaysia introduces 2 cups of milk tea for only RM9.99.
  • This deal will be available every Wednesday.
  • Limited to milk tea series only.

Hello, peeps! Wednesday, as known as the ‘hump day’ is a weird day that smacks in the middle of the week. Some might lose a bit of motivation, but once you’ve past the hump day, you’re on an easy path towards the weekend. While hump day might be tiring, here’s a little gift from Daboba that’ll make your day better. Ready for the spill? Get 2 bubble tea at Daboba at only RM9.99 every Wednesday!

Any 2 Bubble Tea At Daboba Malaysia For Only RM9.99

Photo: @dabobamalaysia (Instagram)

Daboba is one of those places we always go back for bubble tea at a wallet-friendly price. Offering a wide range of series like Roasted Brown Sugar,  Honey Golden Pearl, Season Tea, Brown Sugar, Fruit Tea and more, running out of things to order is never a worry here.

Photo: Daboba Malaysia 熊黑堂 (Facebook)

Without further ado, shall we get into the details? This time around, they are introducing Daboba Wednesdate! Offering a hefty deal to everyone, you can now get any 2 bubble tea series drinks for only RM9.99 every Wednesday! That is, each cup of bubble tea is priced at only RM5!

Every Wednesday Is A Bubble Tea Day

Photo: Daboba Malaysia 熊黑堂 (Facebook)

Available every Wednesday, this is a deal you’ll never get sick of. So if you’ve missed out on this week’s deal, don’t get too disappointed! Simply call out to your bubble tea friends and enjoy this deal the following week!

Address: All Daboba Malaysia outlets (Except Daboba Ipoh SOHO, Daboba Kampar and Daboba Seremban 2)

Date: Every Wednesday

Links: Facebook | Instagram 

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