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9 Leap Day Food Deals You Need To Know Including Starbucks, Morganfield And More

It’s not every year that we get a February 29. But luckily for us, 2020 is one of those years. If you’re born on this special day, then Happy Birthday to you! If not, that’s still equally exciting because it means more foodie deals are coming your way! Are you curious about what kind of deals we’re having this time? If yes, then keep on scrolling because we’re going to spoil you with 9 leap day food deals from Starbucks, Morganfields and more!

9 Leap Day Food Deals You Need To Know

1. Starbucks

Photo: @thegardensmallmy (Instagram)

If you’re a leap year baby, then Starbucks has something great to offer you. If not, as long as you’re born on the 29th of any month, you also get the honour to enjoy this deal too. To celebrate the Leap Day that falls on a Saturday, Starbucks is charging only RM2.90 for a second Grande beverage with the purchase of any Venti drinks! Just flash your identity card to the barista and get the offer.

Photo: @mystarbucks (Instagram)

Location: All Starbucks outlets (Except at KLIA, KLIA2, Genting Highlands and Sunway Lagoon)

Date: February 29th 2020

Time: 10PM – 12PM

Links: Facebook | Instagram

2. Morganfield’s

Photo: @morganfields_malaysia (Instagram)
Photo: @morganfields_malaysia (Instagram)

This is not a joke! Morganfield’s is offering a Buy 1 Free 1 deal for their signature Sticky Bones Spare Ribs for 3 days straight. Happening from February 28th to March 1st, you just need to pay RM38.95 for a meal that satisfies the two of you. Otherwise, you can also bring along your whole family to enjoy this deal together because multiple redemptions per table are allowed too.

Location: All Morganfield’s outlets (Except at Imago KK and Mount Austin JB)

Date: February 28th – March 1st 2020

Links: Facebook | Instagram

3. Baskin Robbins

Photo: Baskin-Robbins (Instagram)

In celebration of the quadrennial nature of Leap Year Birthdays, Baskin Robbins is offering a special deal that they wouldn’t usually do. To mark this momentous occasion, the chain is having a 29% off on all storewide items including their ice cream cakes and handpacked ice creams! All you have to do is to arrive in any of their outlets between 2PM to 9PM and pick your favourite item to enjoy this deal.

Photo: @sopheedmee (Instagram)

Location: All Baskin-Robbin outlets

Date: February 29th 2020

Time: 2PM – 9PM

Links: Facebook | Instagram

4. Pizza Hut

Photo: @leeqin (Instagram)

The next place that rolls out a Leap Day food deal is Pizza Hut! But what’s better is that you don’t have to be a Leap Year baby to savour this delicious deal. For these three days, February 26 to 29th, this pizza chain is hosting a 60% discount off for 2 Regular Favourite Pizzas at only RM29! What do you think? Time to call out to your friends to enjoy this dine-in deal together?

Photo: @stalklah (Instagram)

Location: All Pizza Hut outlets

Date: February 26-29th 2020

Links: Facebook | Instagram

5. Xing Fu Tang

Photo: @tonnybong95 (Instagram)

Did you know it’s already been 1 year since Xing Fu Tang established its grounds in Malaysia? Well, it’s alright if you don’t because the main point is they’re offering a Buy 1 Free 1 deal until February 29th! Take your time to choose between Lemon Green Tea, Lemon Black Tea⁣, Soda and Handmade Jelly⁣, Matcha Boba Milk⁣, Damascus Rose Tea with Lemons⁣, Brown Sugar Boba and Herbal Jelly Milk to get another one for free! ⁣

Photo: Xing Fu Tang Malaysia

Location: All Xing Fu Tang outlets

Date: February 17 – 29th 2020

Links: Facebook | Instagram

6. Godiva

Photo: Godiva Malaysia (Facebook)

Chocolate lovers, it’s your time to shine. Godiva is having a 50% off on second items including their decadent chocolate Soft Serve, Parfait, Chocolixir and Hot Chocolate! Happening until March 1st 2020,  just remember that your second item must be equal or lesser value than your first and you’re on your path to enjoy this special deal!

Photo: Godiva Malaysia (Facebook)

Location: Godiva Bangsar Shopping Centre, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Central i-City, Gurney Paragon Mall, Johor Bahru City Square, IMAGO Shopping Mall, Pavilion KL, The Gardens Mall, Genting Highlands Premium Outlets, Johor Premium Outlets (JPO), Sky Avenue Genting Highlands, NU Sentral, Genting Highland Sky Avenue Cart and Jessetown Kota Kinabalu.

Date: Until March 1st 2020

Links: Facebook | Instagram

7. TGV Cinemas

Photo: TGV Snack & Drink Bar (Openrice)

Up next in our list of leap day food deals is TGV Cinema. Unexpected, right? Well, this time it’s not the movies that are on discount but the food! If your birthday drops on February 29th, then you’re in luck because TGV Cinema is giving away a free Popcorn Combo to you! But don’t be too sad if you’re not a Leap Year baby because you can get a RM2.90 discount off when you purchase any large combos.

Photo: TGV Cinemas (Facebook)

Location: All TGV Cinemas outlet

Date: February 29th 2020

Links: Facebook | Instagram

8. The Alley

Photo: @bobafiqs (Instagram) 

Alright, this next leap day food deal is something dedicated to Leap Year babies only and it’s a good one. To celebrate this special Saturday, The Alley is giving away free beverages! It’s not limited to any beverages, so anyone who is born on February 29th, just pick your favourite drink from their menu and it’s going to be free!

Photo: @torontoboba (Instagram)

Location: All The Alley outlet

Date: February 29th 2020

Links: Facebook | Instagram

9. Inside Scoop

Photo: Inside Scoop (Facebook)

Last but not least, the place that offers another amazing food deal is Inside Scoop. On this particular day, they are having an offer on two pints of ice cream for only RM44! Just pick your favourite flavour from Durian, Valrhona Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, Passionfruit Sorbet, Caramel Biscuit, Nutty Nutella, Unicorn, to Vanilla Bean and you’re on your way to save RM18.60!

Photo: Inside Scoop (Facebook)

Location: All Inside Scoop outlet (Except for The LINC, Publika, and IPC)

Date: February 29th 2020

Time: 7PM – Until Closing

Links: Facebook | Instagram

List: 9 Leap Day Food Deals You Need To Know Including Starbucks, Morganfield And More

We have come to the end for our list of ’9 Leap Day Food Deals You Need To Know Including Starbucks, Morganfield And More’, we hope you have enjoyed reading and hopefully this will be a useful guide to spend your special weekend. If you’ve got any suggestions, do let us know in the comment section! See you on the next post!

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