This Bus From JB To KL Offers First-Class Seats And Entertainment On Board

Perfect For A Comfortable Road Trip

If any of you are looking for some note-worthy transportation mode for your next travel, then you need to keep reading. This is because we just found a super classy and luxurious bus that travels from JB-Klang Valley which provides plenty of amenities for just RM60! It’s none other than Aeroline Bus.

Aeroline Double Decker Coach For A Comfy Road Trip

For all domestic travelers in Malaysia, we have the option of taking a flight, or bus. But sometimes, the majority of bus rides are excruciating. They come with frequent delays and just a sense of overall uneasiness in us right? Unbeknownst to you guys, you just need to pick the right bus. And this next bus company is already renowned among travellers to provide a comfortable bus journey for everyone.

Aeroline Bus JB-Klang Valley
Photo: @Norlela Khalidah Darmin (Facebook)

This exclusive Aeroline coach comes in double-decker, and there are blankets, noise-canceling headphones, charging sockets, hot meals and more. Wait, did we mention there’s also a lavatory onboard?

Aeroline Bus JB-Klang Valley
Photo: @Norlela Khalidah Darmin (Facebook)

Now we all know how cramped it can get when we’re stuck on a 4-hour bus ride right? Well, good news because this luxurious Aeroline Coach has a recliner seat with pillows that comfort is all we know during our journey back home. Also, a big yay to more legroom!

Aeroline Bus JB-Klang Valley
Photo: @Norlela Khalidah Darmin (Facebook)
Aeroline Bus JB-Klang Valley
Photo: @Norlela Khalidah Darmin (Facebook)
Aeroline Bus JB-Klang Valley
Pic: @Norlela Khalidah Darmin (Facebook)

In addition to that, you can also kick back on those comfortable seats and enjoy a few movies. Not a fan of movies? You can also put on the noise-canceling headphones and unwind to some relaxing music.

Aeroline Bus JB-Klang Valley
Photo: @Norlela Khalidah Darmin (Facebook)

What happens when our electronics run out of battery halfway through the journey? Normal bus coaches do not have sockets for you to charge your phone but Aeroline does.

Aeroline Bus JB-Klang Valley
Photo: @Norlela Khalidah Darmin (Facebook)

And now on to the best part, there are hot meals too! This really feels more like an airplane experience but of course, at a more affordable price. Oh, do note that the menu for meals is already fixed.

Aeroline Bus JB-Klang Valley
Photo: @Norlela Khalidah Darmin (Facebook)

So with that, we’ve taken you guys onboard the exclusive Aeroline Coach for a journey from JB-Klang Valley. The next time you’re looking to travel from one state to another, don’t forget to try out Aeroline. If you need any assistance, the friendly crew members will lend you a helping hand.

Aeroline Bus JB-Klang Valley
Photo: @Norlela Khalidah Darmin (Facebook)
Ticket Price: 

Johor Bahru to Klang Valley:
– Adult RM60 one-way
– Chlid RM30 one-way

Klang Valley to Singapore:
– Adult RM95 one-way
– Child RM65 one-way

Klang Valley to Penang:
– Adult RM60 one-way
– Child RM30 one-way

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Points

Johor Bahru
Pick-Up & Drop-Off: Ground Floor, Persada International Convention Centre.

Kuala Lumpur
– Pick up:  Corus Hotel main entrance (concierge).
– Drop off (Day trips): Right opposite Corus Hotel’s main entrance, by the main bus stop.
– Drop off (Evening trips): Corus Hotel’s main entrance (concierge).

Bandar Utama
– Pick up: Coach Terminal at Lower Ground, One Utama Shopping Centre.
– Drop off: Open air Dataran Carpark at Lower Ground, One Utama Shopping Centre, by the shaded walkway.

Bandar Sunway
– Pick up: In front of the Aeroline Sunway service centre at Lower Ground Two of Blue Atrium, Sunway Pyramid, opposite the main entrance of Sunway Lagoon.
– Drop off (Day trips): Same place as the pick up point
– Drop off (Evening trips): Bus stop at Lower Ground Pyramid Atrium main entrance, Sunway Pyramid, by the main road.

Queensbay Mall
– Pick Up & Drop Off: In front of the Aeroline Queensbay Mall service centre at Ground Floor, Queensbay Mall.

Sg. Nibong Bus Terminal
– Pick Up & Drop Off: Bus terminal point at Ground Floor.

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