Akbar Cendol: This Stall In Johor Sells Assorted Cendol From Only RM 1

Hello, our dearest Foodies! Malaysia is a food haven, thanks to the diverse food culture brought about by the harmonious integration of the people of different races. As Malaysians, we all share a common love for food! And nothing excites us more than trying out new spots! Tuck in as we’re about to introduce to you guys Akbar Cendol in Batu Pahat!

Akbar Cendol: This Stall In Batu Pahat Will Fix Your Cendol Cravings

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Nothing could stop cendol lovers from indulging in a cooling bowl of cendol, especially in this scorching heat! The humble Akbar Cendol stall located right in the heart of Batu Pahat is famous for three reasons: their good, tasty cendol, the generous amount of mung bean ‘worms’ served in each bowl, and the affordable price ranging from RM 1 to RM 3 only!

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Perfect To Quench Your Thirst!

It’s best savored on its own but you can opt to add sweet corn, glutinous rice, or both to your dish for a little extra flavour! All this in a spoonful makes for an amazingly satisfying treat. It’s no wonder this place is always packed. There are limited seatings available but don’t worry, you can have this dish packed to go!

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So, if you’ve been having cravings for cendol and looking for something really affordable, make Akbar Cendol your next go-to spot when you’re in Batu Pahat, Johor. And remember to SHARE this piece of great news with your fellow foodie buddies out there!

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Address: 12, Jalan Engan, Batu Pahat, Johor

Operation Hours: 9 AM – 6:30 PM (Opens Daily)

What are you waiting for? Drive up to Batu Pahat and search for this humble stall. It’s a perfect snack in the evening! See you guys in the next post!

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