8 Best Eateries In Adda Heights JB Including HotPot And More For A Food Adventure

Let's begin the food-adventure!

Hello foodies! One of the joys in life is having a catch-up session and hanging out with your loved ones while enjoying a delicious meal together. But with current times, something as simple as this can be tricky considering the social distancing measures put in place. So to help you get started, we’ve come up with a list of eateries in Adda Heights JB that you can check out if you’re planning a gathering whether for a small or big group. Let’s begin our food-adventure!

8 Best Eats In Adda Heights JB For All Foodies!

1. Cookies & Ginger

Photo: @gojohor.eatplayfun (Instagram)

If your family and friends are huge fans of western food, then make your way to Cookies & Ginger. This popular eatery is ranked as one of the best family restaurants in Johor, so you’ll be guaranteed an exceptionally flavourful meal here. Enjoy dishes like Cheeseburger Triple Cheese, Cheesy Chipotle Chicken Burrito, and C&G Boomerang. Their portions are generous so that’s all the more reason to have a meal here with your family where you can share and taste each other’s dish!

Photo: @cookiesnginger (Facebook)

Address: 107, Jln Adda 3/1, Adda Heights, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Operating Hours: 2 PM – 10 PM (Opens Daily)

Link(s): Facebook

Status: Halal

2. Nfun Hotpot

Photo: @nfunhotpot (Facebook)

Perfect for those who can’t get enough of Hot Pot, NFun Hot Pot is a cozy place for a get-together that serves up an eat-all-you-can buffet. Grab a table for your group and begin by picking the soup base of your choice – Tomato Soup, Pepper Pork Belly Soup, and Butterfly Soup. From there, make your way to the buffet aisle where an endless array of seafood, meats, and vegetables are ready to be savored. With such a variety, everyone is bound to find something that’ll suit their taste.

Photo: @siowchyi_kam (Instagram)

Address: 73, Jln Adda 3/1, TAMAN ADDA, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Operating Hours: 8 AM –  12 AM (Opens Every day)

Status: Non-Halal

Link(s): Facebook


Photo: @bigfoodfnb (Instagram)

After successfully operating an outlet in Nong Chik, BIGFOOD F&B is expanding more outlets here in Adda Heights. The restaurant is famous for its big portion of western and local dishes. Besides, their variation of dessert is absolutely mind-blowing. That means having an empty plate should be the least of your worries here!

Photo: @nadzirahramli93 (Instagram)

Address:158-G, Jln Adda 7, Adda Avenue, Johor Bahru

Operating Hours: 3 PM – 12 AM (Closed on Monday)

Link(s): Instagram

Status: Halal

4. Coconut Milk Cafe

Photo: @h_starlight (Instagram)

Is your appetite calling for more local flavors? Then let Coconut Milk Cafe take you on a culinary journey with its variety of Malay local dishes. One of their hot-selling signature dishes would be the Nasi Lemak. The Nasi lemak set of theirs is normally paired with wide selections of side dishes like crispy fried squid, fried chicken, sambal prawn, and rendang chicken. Aside from serving delicious Nasi Lemak, Coconut Milk Cafe offers delightful Coconut Shake that will leave every foodie speechless too!

Photo: @coconutmilkcafe (Facebook)

Address: Jln Adda 3/1, Adda Heights, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Operating Hours: 3 PM – 7 PM (Opens Every day)

Link(s): Facebook

Status: Halal

5. Food Feels Cafe

Photo: @asnimisri (Instagram)

To anyone that’s familiar with Food Trip Cafe, you might be confused with their new cafe transformation. Yup, now the cafe has changed to Food Feels Cafe but is still serving the same quality food.  For the cafe-hopping enthusiasts who can’t resist the beautiful decoration of the cafe while eating, there’s no better place to start than at Food Feels Cafe. Home of Hamburger with overflowing cheese and Madshakes, it’s a spot that you need to visit. Don’t forget to snap some Insta-worthy pictures while you’re there too!

Photo: (Instagram)

Address:70, Jalan Adda 7, Taman Adda Height, Johor Bahru

Operating Hours: 12 PM – 11 PM (Closed on Monday)

Link(s): Instagram

Status: Halal

6. Restoran Acheh

Photo: @akusislin (Instagram)

Craving for Indonesian cuisine? You no longer need to go to Indonesia anymore because in Adda Heights there is a special restaurant that serves authentic Indonesian food. The location of the Acheh restaurant is very strategic. Their Nasi Ayam Geprek and Mee Acheh Ketam are the bestselling menus here. No wonder people keep coming back for more!

Photo: @akusislin (Instagram)

Address:157, Jalan Adda 3 /1 Taman, Adda Heights, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Operating Hours: 11 AM – 9 PM (Closed on Sunday)

Link(s): Facebook

Status: Halal

7. Restaurant Molana

Photo: @restaurantmolana (Facebook)

Anyone who’s got a family or friend group full of Middle eastern food lovers, it’s time to make dinner plans at Restaurant Molana. Established early this year, this is where people flock to in order to get their fill of Mandy rice. While you’re here, don’t miss out on some of the eatery’s top favorites such as Nagesco Pasta, Kabab Lamb, Mana’aosha, and their Seafood dishes. Just thinking about all these fresh and tasty food has got our mouths watering!

Photo: @restaurantmolana (Facebook)

Address: No.10, Jalan Adda 3/3, Taman Adda Heights, 81100 Johor Bahru

Operating Hours: 11 AM – 11 PM (Opens Every day)

Status: Halal

Link(s): Facebook

8. Kah Kah Loke Restaurant

Photo: @misstamchiak (Instagram)

Last but not least on our list for best eats in Adda Heights JB is Kah Kah Loke Restaurant. The old-fashioned Kah Kah Loke Restaurant has branches in various places in Johor Bahru, and of course, you can find their branches in Adda Height! In addition to the well-known bitter gourd soup, there are also Hakka fried meat, minced tofu, and fried chicken wings. Absolutely worth it to try!

Photo: @gohjasmin (Instagram)

Address:149, Jln Adda 3/1, Taman Adda, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Operating Hours: 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM (Closed on Monday)

Status: Non-Halal

8 Eats in Adda Heights JB That You Can’t-Miss Out On

With this, we’ve come to an end of our curation of the 8 Best Eats in Adda Heights JB that all foodies must not miss out on. Let us know which one above is your favorite or perhaps you prefer us to update the list, then leave us a comment! In the meantime, we hope this list is a useful addition to your food adventure around Adda Heights JB. Till next time!

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