Beware Of Tactics Fraud That Claims To Carry Out COVID-19 Immunisation

Hello, Malaysians. Despite news regarding the Movement Restriction Order here in Malaysia, many of us are still turning a deaf ear upon this movement. In case you missed out on the latest news from the Ministry of Health, there are now 900  confirmed positive cases while and 2 have passed away in Malaysia due to the disease.

Official: NSC Advises To Beware Of Tactics Fraud

Malaysian National Security Council or NSC advises all parties to be aware of the latest tactics of irresponsible parties taking advantage of the current Covid-19 situation.

Also, do note that the government has never appointed any agencies to carry out Covid-19 immunization from house to house. Do not allow anyone to enter your home for that purpose. Please take note and act accordingly.

So, for now, it’s best to stay calm and stay safe. Stay where you are and don’t easily believe and spread unofficial resources. We don’t need to further fuel panic among Malaysians. Take care!

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