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Breaking: KOI Thé Will Open Its First Johor Outlet At Mid Valley Southkey


Hello foodies! Firstly, can we get a show of hands from those of you who live, eat, and survive on bubble tea? If you are indeed one of them, then we’ve got great news for you guys. The famous bubble tea joint, KOI Thé is opening its very first outlet here in Johor! Make way for their grand entrance, guys! Also, keep reading to find out more details about this!

KOI Thé To Open Its First Outlet In Johor

Photo: @KLFoodie

KOI Thé is the founder’s way to put Taiwan on a stage of global recognition. Since its very first outlet in Singapore back in 2007, this bubble tea joint has made an importance in all of our hearts. Ever since then, we have been on our toes, anticipating for its opening in Malaysia. Thus as of right now, KOI Thé has several joints across Klang Valley.

KOI The opening in Johor
Photo: @koithemy (Facebook)

In addition, KOI Thé is also known among bubble tea lovers for its chewy, golden pearls that are excellent complements to their freshly brewed milk tea.

KOI The opening in Johor
Photo: @koithemy (Facebook)

This is the first KOI Thé joint outside of Klang Valley and suffice to say, we’re so glad Johor is their pick. So, time to reveal more details about this bubble tea joint so we can all show some support to them. However, there are no exact dates as to its official opening, but we will definitely update you guys first hand when we get the news. Stay tuned!

KOI The opening in Johor
Photo: @koithemy (Facebook)

The very first Johor outlet of this bubble tea joint will be at Mid Valley Southkey, JB. The newly opened mall with a touch of exclusivity that none of us could miss out on. Adding to the opening of the very first KOI Thé outlet outside of Klang Valley, the mall is definitely gonna be a hype.

KOI The opening in Johor
Photo: @koithemy (Facebook)

Location: Mid Valley Southkey

Date: Unannounced

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