Buy 1 Free 1 Auntie Anne’s Pretzel At Midvalley Southkey For 1 Day Only

Hello foodies! We meet again! As some of you might already know, we constantly serve up food news so that your tummy can enjoy them without harming your pockets. So today, we’re gonna be sharing with you how you can get yourselves a FREE pretzel from Auntie Anne’s. This deal is only available for Johoreans so do you guys feel special? Keep reading to find out how!

FREE (1) Original Auntie Anne’s Pretzel on 22nd July 2019

Auntie Anne's free pretzel
Photo: @sylviachang16 (Instagram)

Well, before we reveal to you guys how you can enjoy this treat, let’s sit back and savour in the history of Auntie Anne’s. Surely, you guys will love to find out more about this famous pretzel brand right?

Auntie Anne's free pretzel
Photo: @AAMalaysia (Facebook)

Alright, so Auntie Anne’s is actually given its name by the founder, Anne Beiler. While Anne Beiler and her husband, Jonas constantly sold loads of their pretzels, they also consistently experiment with new combination of ingredients for that perfect pretzel. Thus, came to be born the current fluffy pretzel we have all come to love.

Auntie Anne's free pretzel
Photo: @AAMalaysia (Facebook)

The very first Auntie Anne’s joint in Malaysia gain its reputation back in 1995 and since then, there are more than 37 outlets nationwide. We do love ourselves some pretzels don’t we? So, now that you’ve got a glimpse of its humble beginning, let’s proceed to details of the deal. Ready?

Auntie Anne's free pretzel
Photo: @AAMalaysia (Facebook)

As Auntie Anne’s is opening yet another joint in Johor, this time in Midvalley Southkey Megamall, they are also giving us a fluffy deal. FREE pretzel! Of course, you need to firstly purchase any Pretzel, Savoury Pretzel or Stix to be given (1) FREE Original pretzel. We can safely say that not many people are aware of this deal so hopefully the queue isn’t insane!

Auntie Anne's free pretzel
Photo: @AAMalaysia (Facebook)

Deal: Purchase any Pretzel, Savoury Pretzel or Stix and get (1) FREE Original pretzel

Promo Period: 22nd July 2019

Location: Auntie Anne’s Midvalley Southkey Megamall, LG K-08

Well, what are you waiting for? This deal is only available today (22nd July 2019) so scurry over to Midvalley and get a bite of those soft pretzels today!

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