It’s Official: CATS Cafe In JB Is Shutting Down After 5 Years Of Operations

Good day foodies. How are you guys holding up during the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO)? With yet another extension on the Order until 31st August, if we step back, we’ll see how it has left a great impact on our economy. But on a smaller scale, let’s focus on something that’s happening in the food scene right here in Johor. Sadly, this time the famous Cats Cafe has announced its painful decision for a permanent closure of its business.

First Cats Cafe In Johor Is Officially Closing

Before we get right into the details of the closure, allow us to take a sweet trip down the memory lane of Cats Cafe. A quick search on Google would reveal that Cats Cafe is the first cats and the largest cat cafe in Johor ever since it was established back in 2015. If you’re a Johorean, you’ll most definitely have dropped by this cafe.

CATS Cafe JB – Cats At Their Sanctuary

Additionally, this cafe is well-known for its dining experience with flavourful dishes accompanied by the cutest creatures mingling around you. Helming the title as one of the best cafes in JB, CATS Cafe is famously known for its brunch menu.

Photo: @catscafejb (Instagram)

On their menu, the Waffles and Churros are must-orders if you drop by. From savoury Chicken Waffle to Sweet treat Waffle, trust us when we say you’ll never get enough of them. Moreover, their fried chicken monster platter is also a hit, making this brunch fares here stand out like no other.

Photo: @catscafejb (Instagram)
Photo: @catscafejb (Instagram)

New Home For Our Furry Friends!

According to the official Instagram announcement, CATS Cafe will be doing an Instagram Story and Instagram Live Sales soon to sell off every item in the cafe. As for the beautiful cute little kitties, they will be doing a “Re-home for cats with a fee” announcement soon with details and procedures.

Photo: @catscafejb (Instagram)

Farewell And Thank You For The Sweet Memories

With the closing of this cafe, we gotta admit that there will now be one less aesthetic cafe to visit over the weekend. On behalf of the customer that ever visited the cafe, thank you for the good service and sweet memories. If you’re interested to adopt a kitty, do keep track of any upcoming announcements on their official site.

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