4 Homemade Recipes You Can Cook Easily Using Chef-Ku Cooking Pastes

You know those moments when you’re figuring out what to cook for dinner and you have this sudden craving for Sambal Petai or Rendang? Well, it sure is no easy feat to cook a lip-smacking plate of Sambal Petai from scratch. But this is where Chef-Ku comes in with their easy-to-cook cooking pastes.

4 Delicious Recipes To Try Using Chef-Ku Cooking Paste

Chef-Ku is a homegrown brand that’s here to satiate our cravings for local Malaysian dishes through various cooking pastes. In general, there are 2 categories; Chef-Ku Signature and Chef-Ku HomeStyle.

Chef-Ku Cooking Paste

What we love about Chef-Ku is how they have made cooking easier and so much more convenient. On the packaging of each cooking paste, there are clear instructions as well as ingredients that are needed to cook up a dish.

Chef-Ku Cooking Paste

Best of all, the cooking paste is made with no MSG, no preservatives, no artificial colouring, and is also Halal-certified. Now, we’ve picked out 4 of our favourite pastes so let’s check them out!

1. Chef-Ku Signature Sambal Tumis Paste

Chef-Ku Cooking Paste

The Chef-Ku Signature Sambal Tumis Paste has a spicy relish together with a note of sweetness. It is ideal to be used for seafood Sambal Tumis, Nasi Lemak, or as a condiment, gravy, and even pour-over sauce.

Chef-Ku Cooking Paste

2. Chef-Ku Signature Rendang Paste

Chef-Ku Cooking Paste

Next, the Signature Rendang Paste is a blend of fragrant spices with sweet and spicy desiccated coconut. Perfect to be used with any meat of your choice.

Chef-Ku Cooking Paste

3.  Chef-Ku HomeStyle Asam Pedas Paste

Chef-Ku Cooking Paste

For the HomeStyle Asam Pedas Paste, it’s an appetizing paste that is both zesty, spicy with hints of lemongrass and Vietnamese Mint aroma. Use this to cook Asam Pedas Fish and you will never get enough of it.

Chef-Ku Cooking Paste

4. Chef-Ku HomeStyle Kari Daging Paste

Chef-Ku Cooking Paste

Craving for homecooked curry? Use Chef-Ku’s HomeStyle Kari Daging Paste made with mixed spices and herbs to cook up a delicious curry dish that’s fragrant and aromatic.

Chef-Ku Cooking Paste

Cook Up An Exceptionally Tasty Meal With Chef-Ku Cooking Pastes

Chef-Ku Cooking Paste

So the next time you’re craving for homecooked Malaysian dishes, you can cook them at home using Chef-Ku cooking paste. Get them now from supermarkets and hypermarkets near you, including Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Econsave, and many more!

Walk Home With A Full Set of Chef-Ku Cooking Pastes!

Psst! For reading until the end, here’s how you can win the entire set of Chef-Ku cooking pastes:

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