Famous Taiwanese Fried Chicken, 恶魔鸡排 Devil Chicken To Open 1st Outlet in Johor

Calling All Fried Chicken Lovers!

Foodies, if you have an innate love for crispy fried chicken, take note! This is because a famous fried chicken joint all the way from Taiwan, Devil Chicken will be opening their very first outlet right here in Johor! So, Devil Chicken has 4 outlets across Malaysia and they’ll be opening their very first outlet in Johor soon!

Devil Chicken 1st Outlet To Open In Skudai, Johor

Before we reveal to you guys the opening date and location, let’s briefly go through some info about this fried chicken joint. So, 恶魔鸡排, or its direct English equivalent, Devil Chicken originates from Taiwan. As we all know, Taiwan’s street food and snack scene are impeccable and well-deserving of double thumbs-up.

Devil Chicken Johor
Photo: @DevilChickenMalaysia (Facebook)

Devil Chicken is from Taichung, Taiwan, and as of right now, they have locations all over Taiwan. In addition, Devil Chicken constantly makes an appearance at the infamous Shilin Taiwan and recently, in our neighbouring country of Singapore as well.

Devil Chicken Johor
Photo: @DevilChickenMalaysia (Facebook)

During their pop-up appearance during Shilin S’pore back in April, there was a 4-hour snaking queue from avid fried chicken lovers who can’t wait to give their fried chicken a go.

Devil Chicken Johor
Photo: @DevilChickenMalaysia (Facebook)

Furthermore, this fried chicken joint specialises in all-things fried chicken cutlets. Essentially, they serve up XXL chicken cutlet that is first, pounded flat before being deep-fried. The end-product is nothing less than a piece of crispy, crunchy, saliva-drooling fried chicken cutlet.

Devil Chicken Johor
Photo: @DevilChickenMalaysia (Facebook)

Alright, now let’s get to the main point. Devil Chicken will be opening their very first outlet here in Skudai, Johor but there’s no news as to the opening date for now. Nevertheless,  we’re certain that there will also be a queue during their opening so be there early guys!

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Address: No.43, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor.

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