Breaking News: Face Mask Is Compulsory In Public Areas Starting 1st August

Hello, friends! In a blink of an eye, we’re more than halfway through 2020. With the COVID-19 situation kicking in at the beginning of this year, the government has indeed pushed out strict rules. While the cases in Malaysia are slowing, here’s an important announcement to note! Starting from 1st August, it is compulsory for everyone to wear a face mask in public areas.

Face Mask Is Compulsory In Public Areas

The global pandemic is yet to end. With countries hitting with the second wave of the respiratory virus, the Malaysian government is setting a new rule to keep the spread low. While wearing a face mask is already the norm, the government is putting stricter enforcement to keep the virus controlled. Hence, starting from the 1st of August, everyone is required to wear a face mask when they are in the public.

Be it you’re going out for a quick lunch or hanging out with your bestie, as long as you’re outside, you’ve got to put that mask on. Additionally, according to Free Malaysia Today,  the new rule applies to take public transport too. So next time, when you’re taking the bus, remember to put on your mask. Otherwise, don’t say we never warn you about the RM1000 fine!

This New Rule Starts On 1st August 2020

Along with the announcement that starts from 1st August, here’s a piece of exciting news to note! Starting from 15th August 2020, the government is reducing the ceiling price for a face mask. Originally set at RM1.50 per piece, it will be lowered to RM1.20. Anyways, we hope you can take a good note of this news and see you in the next post!

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