Gardenia Bakeries To Increase Selected Product Prices Starting From 1 December 2020


  • Gardenia Malaysia is increasing prices of selected bread products from 1st December 2020 onwards.
  • Selected Gardenia products include, Delicia Butterscotch, Delicia Choco Raisin, Squiggles Funky Strawberry and more.
  • For full list of products, see here.

Gardenia Bakeries: Price Increase On 1st December 2020

Photo: @soammaras (Instagram)

According to a post on Facebook, Gardenia Bakeries is increasing several product prices starting from 1st December 2020. Below are all the Gardenia products that will have a change in price, so check them out!

Products with price increase from 1st December 2020:

  • Delicia Butterscotch
  • Delicia Choco Raisin
  • Delicia Raspberry Milk & Cranberries
  • Delicia Soft Roll Butter Toffee
  • Delicia Sambal Bilis
  • Toast’em Butter Raisin
  • Squiggles Choco Malto
  • Squiggles Funky Strawberry
  • Fluffy Bun Red Bean (single bun)

Official Announcement From Gardenia Malaysia

Photo: Oh! Media (Facebook)

Source: Oh! Media (Facebook)

Gardenia Bakeries Sdn Bhd

Link(s): Website | Facebook | Instagram

Feature image credit: (right) @syafiq_syakir (Instagram), (left) @soammaras (Instagram)

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