HEY! I AM YOGOST Yogurt Drink Is Grand Opening At Mount Austin With 50% Off For 3 Days

Hello, foodies! There is a new trend growing and can you guess what it is? If you didn’t already know, it’s purple rice yogurt drinks, of course! If you are a fan of these yogurt drinks, you’re in treat because of HEY! I AM YOGOST will be grand opening its store in Mount Austin!

HEY! I AM YOGOST Yogurt Drink Is Grand Opening At Mount Austin With 50% Off For Second Cup

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HEY! I AM YOGOST dedicates themselves to making the best yogurt drinks. Their drinks are freshly made to support a healthy diet rich in nutrients. This brand originates from New Zealand and it has several outlets across the world including countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, US, Shanghai, and more. There’s no doubt that people love their drinks! So, scroll along to find out more about this delicious drink-treat!

1. Rich Yogurt: Purple Rice Yogurt

This Purple Rice Yogurt drink is their signature and bestselling beverage. We could say that this drink is the most original of all because it is made with purple rice, yogurt, and milk. Being one of their top three bestselling drinks, this yogurt drink is definitely a must-try if it is your first time at HEY! I AM YOGOST.

2. Fresh Fruit Yogurt: Durian Delight

The first durian yogurt drink is in town. This Durian Delight yogurt drink is made with fresh durian and high-quality yogurt. It’s creamy, light, and tasty with the right amount of durian flavours to keep you drinking. To all durian lovers, this drink is suitable for you.

3. Fresh Fruit Yogurt: Straws and Berries

This Straws and Berries yogurt drink contains fresh strawberries, yogurt, and milk. This drink is perfect for strawberry lovers because they use a lot of strawberries to make this drink. You can taste the sourness and sweetness of the strawberries but it’s really tasty and we know you’ll love it!

4. Fresh Fruit Yogurt: Berry Meets Pineapple

This Berry Meets Pineapple yogurt drink is made with fresh berries and pineapple! For those of you who love sweet and sour combos, this drink is your go-to. This is also one of their top three bestselling drinks. The berries are sweet and the pineapple adds a little tangy taste to the drink. This drink is simply yummy and pretty too!

5. Fresh Fruit Yogurt: Rice Mango Romance

This Rice Mango Romance yogurt drink is the perfect love story between two ingredients. This drink contains sweet mangoes and their signature purple rice, of course. This drink is really refreshing and the purple rice adds a little bite to the mango smoothie. The vibrant yellow colour of the drink makes you drool, doesn’t it?

6. Energy Grains: Mysterious Asian Red Date

This Mysterious Asian Red Date yogurt drink contains delicious and sweet red dates! The red dates are mixed with yogurt, milk, and it is then blended until smooth. In addition, this drink also contains their signature purple rice and it’s super yummy!

7. Rich Yogurt: Oats Cereal Yogurt

This Oats Cereal Yogurt drink contains oat cereal, yogurt, and milk. If you’re looking for something quick to fill your tummy, this drink is certainly perfect for on-the-go. Because this drink has oats and cereal in it, it is definitely a good choice for a late breakfast treat that will satisfy your hungry tummy before it’s lunchtime!

8. Brown Pearl Yogurt

This famous Brown Pearl Yogurt drink is the hot-sensation for boba lovers! It is made with a combination of yogurt and brown sugar. Top with chewy boba perfect for thirst-quencher on sunny days!

9. Yogurt Mocktail: Strawberry Lemon Drop

This Strawberry Lemon Drop yogurt drink is one of their top three bestselling yogurt drinks. It is made with fresh strawberries, lemon, lime, and yogurt. It’s slightly sour but you can bet that it tastes so mouth-watering. It’s a wonderful pick-me-up during the day if you want something to wake your senses.

10. Yogurt Mocktail: Orange Sunrise

This Orange Sunrise yogurt drink contains freshly squeezed orange juice, yogurt, and milk. If you love eating oranges, this drink is your pick. Their oranges are really sweet and together with fresh yogurt, this drink is very addictive and we bet that you won’t stop sipping it!

11. Yogurt Mocktail: Grape Say Cheese

This Grape Say Cheese yogurt drink is the newest addition to their drinks menu. Calling all cheese lovers because this drink comes with a cheese foam topping! Yes, that’s right – this yogurt drink contains grape juice and cheese foam. They use real grape juice made from scratch and when you drink it, it almost tastes like you’re eating actual grapes!

Get 50% Off All 3 Days Long From 24 – 27 July 2020!

For this exciting grand opening that is going to last for 3 days, Hey! I Am Yogost will be giving a 50% off for the second cup from 24 – 27 July 2020. In addition, for the first 50 customers will get RM 2 off for signature purple rice yogurts! How exciting! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get a cuppa!

Status: Muslim-Friendly

Address: 29, Jalan Austin Heights 8/3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Opening hours: 11:30 AM – 11 PM (Opens Daily)

Link(s): Facebook, Instagram

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