KFC At Holiday Plaza JB Established Since 1983 Closing Permanently

Due to the recent MCO 2.0 that happens in Malaysia, many places including shopping malls and businesses around Johor Bahru have been ceasing operations. In related news, many restaurants are badly affected as well. So much so that KFC at Holiday Plaza JB had recently announced to permanently closes.

Goodbye KFC Holiday Plaza Johor Bahru

The last time we share the news about McDonald’s at Holiday Plaza Johor Bahru was closing temporarily. This time, KFC took steps to cease its outlets. Spotted by a netizen, the first-ever KFC in Johor Bahru is stopping operations permanently after 31st January 2021 due to Movement Control Order 2.0 (MCO) in Malaysia.

Photo: Specsaving Optical (Facebook)

As the first-ever KFC to be located in Johor Bahru, many netizens are naturally sad about the closure, with the original post raking up to almost one thousand engagements at the time of this writing. Moreover, many people say that this outlet’s fried chicken is way better than other KFC outlets. As far as we know this is the only KFC in JB that still serves fried chicken on a white round plate. To check out the original post on Facebook, you can click here.

Photo: Specsaving Optical (Facebook)

Trying Times For Everyone, Everywhere.

It is certainly upsetting to see many crowd favourite spots ceasing operations since the pandemic happens. Before closing down, how about grabbing your KFC meals here and of course no eat-in the restaurant. Always remember to follow SOP. See you in the next post.

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