NEW: KFC Zinger Cheezilla & Zinger Stacker Available From 11 Feb 2020 Onwards

Everything With Cheese Tastes Better!


  • KFC Malaysia launches NEW Zinger Cheezilla and Zinger Stacker
  • Available from 11 February 2020 onwards
  • Available across all KFC restaurants nationwide

Anyone who has ever bitten into a piping hot piece of KFC’s fried chicken would know that it’s deliciously satisfying. Frankly, KFC could come up with anything and we’d rush to try it. Well, we have good news for you lot. KFC Malaysia is unveiling an all NEW Zinger Cheezilla and Zinger Stacker tomorrow so get your appetite ready!

KFC Malaysia Teases Netizens With Ad On Facebook & Twitter That Suggests NEW Menu Item

Photo: KL Foodie

A few days ago, KFC Malaysia updated the cover images of their respected Facebook and Twitter accounts with a new advertisement. The ad read, “It’s About To Get Heavier At KFC”, and of course we had to look into it. Well, continue reading to find out what’s in-store for all you KFC fanatics!

Photo: KL Foodie

Taste The NEW KFC Zinger Cheezilla And Zinger Stacker From 11 Feb 2020 Onwards At All Outlets Nationwide

Photo: KFC Malaysia (Website)

Without a doubt, the ad could only mean that KFC Malaysia is finally bringing back their Zinger Cheezilla and Zinger Stacker! Now, it’s no surprise that the Zinger Burger was a huge success with crispy and succulent fried chicken but it’s about to get a whole lot better.

Photo: @kfcbrunei (Instagram)

KFC Malaysia has introduced the Zinger Cheezilla back in March 2018 as well but, it’s finally back again in 2020 and we’re so excited. The NEW Zinger Cheezilla has a delicious Zinger fillet and a Mozzarella cheese patty that will fulfill all your cheese dreams. Can’t wait to give it a taste? That makes all of us!

Photo: @dorset_detail (Instagram)

Double the Zinger, double the happiness – said every person ever. That’s right, netizens will get to enjoy the KFC Zinger Stacker from 11 February 2020 onwards. The Zinger Stacker is basically two Zinger fillets together in one burger, and it totally screams: EAT ME. This burger is all your fast-food cravings fixed. So, that’s all we have to report for now! Don’t forget to tag someone in the comments to try these NEW KFC burgers with you! Bye!

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