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First Ever Snow Theme Amusement Park Is Now Open In JB And We’re Snow Excited

We know that Frozen movie fever is still not over yet. The kids still demand to watch and role-play the Elsa-Anna duo over and over again. Well, we have a piece of exciting news for you and your kids! Johor Bahru has just opened its first-ever snow theme amusement park. Yes, we’re talking about LoveYoYo Fun World in Beletime Danga Bay which just opened its doors last month! Keep scrolling to find out more details! *Cue ‘Into The Unknown’ song*

LoveYoYo Fun World: JB First Snow Theme Amusement Park!

Photo: @seketulputeri (Twitter)

Located inside Beletime Danga Bay,  LoveYoYo’s 7 awesome highlight attractions will guarantee you a fun-filled day, for your whole family! No need to spend a lot of money to get the snow-feeling abroad! The most important thing is that the price is super affordable.

What To Expect At LoveYoYo Fun World

Photo: @loveyoyomalaysia (Facebook)

LoveYoYo is divided into 7 major areas, not only parent-child playgrounds but there’s also a massage nail recreation area for parents! Aiming to have a better bonding with your kids? Bring them to LoveYoYo Fun World and experience every wonderful moment!

Photo: @loveyoyomalaysia (Facebook)
Photo: @seketulputeri (Twitter)

Spacious and Fun Place To Play!

With its highlights, experience the Big Playground, New Music Education Module, Wave Balls, Happy Sand Pool where you can use creativity to make a sandcastle!

Photo: @seketulputeri (Twitter)
Photo: @seketulputeri (Twitter)

Besides, they have the first-in-Malaysia Snow House where you can build your own snowman! An absolute dream come true! Once you’re done with all the attractions for the day, there’s Café & Book Bar where you can read books when you’re tired and have a drink to recharge! – definitely the perfect way to end your day at an amusement park!

Photo: @loveyoyo_m (Instagram)

So, if you’re looking to spice up your next weekend getaway, LoveYoYo Fun World is the place to be. Time to SHARE this piece of good news with your loved ones and start planning your trip!

LoveYoYo Fun World

Admission fees: Check out their website

Address: G90, Beletime Danga Bay Danga, 80200 Johor Bahru

Operation Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM (Opens Every day)

Social Media: Facebook

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