McDonald’s Rolls Out New Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie & Blueberry Sundae Returns


  • McDonald’s introduces new Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie, available in Peninsular Malaysia only.
  • Blueberry Sundae & McFlurry returns to the menu as well, available at all McDonald’s outlets nationwide.
  • Also making a comeback are the 3 McDip flavours.

McDonald’s Launches New Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie

Happy Monday foodies! With the start of yet another brand new month, it means that we can hit the reset button. So, like always, new things are always a hit especially when it’s from McDonald’s. They’ve just introduced a brand new pie flavour and it’s bound to be fruity delicious! Make way for Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie! And that isn’t all, Blueberry Sundae is making a comeback too!

McDonald's Blueberry menu
Photo: @McDonald’sMY (Facebook)

Just a week ago, McDonald’s launched two new burgers into the menu, and on the 29th, there was a whopping RM 29 and RM 2.90 deals respectively. This simply goes to show that at McDonald’s, they always keep us foodies anticipated for what’s coming. With new flavours coming up every now and then, as cliche as this sounds, everyone is always lovin’ it.

While noticing that McDonald’s has been launching new berries-inspired flavours for their pie, we never seem to get enough of them. And this berry fiesta continues as the new flavour of the month is blueberries! From new Blueberry Cream Pie all the way to Blueberry Sundae and McFlurry, it’s gonna be a fruity month for us.

McDonald's Blueberry menu
Photo: @McDonald’sMY (Facebook)

The Blueberry Cream Pie promises a sweet yet tart taste while the cream serves to complement and balance out the overall flavours of the pie. On the other hand, the Blueberry Desserts are simple; your favourite McDonald’s vanilla ice cream with blueberry swirls all over, topped with blueberries and pieces of chocolate crumbs.

McDonald's Blueberry menu
Photo: @McDonald’sMY (Facebook)

Available For A Limited Time Only

Also, on a side note, the McDip is returning to McDonald’s as well! The infamous Matcha, Choco, and Caramel Dip will each add a hint of sweetness into your ordinary Sundae cone. Now, that’s extraordinary. So, it’s already available at all McDonald’s outlets nationwide so consider this evening’s tea time settled.

McDonald's Blueberry menu
Photo: @McDonald’sMY (Facebook)

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