McDonald’s Rolled Out Thai Green Curry Burger And More For A Limited Time Only

Hurry Up!


  • McDonald’s is releasing Thai themed menu items.
  • Fluffy Scrambled Eggs series are also available for breakfast.
  • Available for a limited time only.

McDonald’s can get very creative with their recipes. Earlier, on Twitter, the fast-food franchise teased us with a picture quiz. Hinting that they might release Thai themed menu items. And indeed they did! The Thai Green Curry Burger is back in action and making a quick return to satisfy our cravings for Thailand flavours.

McDonald’s Thai Green Curry Burger Series

Mcdonalds thai green curry burger
Photo: @My.Mcdonalds (Facebook)

The new addition of Thai Green Curry Chicken Burger, as well as Thai Green Curry Fish Burger, will definitely kick senses back to your life. With each scrumptious burger topped with special Thai sauce, you can be sure that it is a trend you don’t want to miss. In addition, enjoy the crispy freshness with the presence of mixed vegetables between a warm oblong bun!

Mango Desserts

McDonald's Mango desserts
Photo: @My.Mcdonalds (Facebook)

This is the kind of tropical vibe that we have been waiting for. Our favourite desserts are getting a tropical twist. Honestly, who would hate mangos? Cool down on a hot sunny day with the refreshing Mango Sundae and Mango McFlurry! Indulge in the fruity delights and let your tastebuds tingle with Oreo bits in your McFlurry.

Pulut Hitam Santan Pie

pulut hitam santan pie
Photo: @My.Mcdonalds (Facebook)

McDonald’s sure know how to localize its recipes. Introducing the new Pulut Hitam Santan Pie! What’s not to love? A bite into the crispy pastry and you will be greeted with its sweet and creamy Santan filling. This pocket-sized dessert is the kind of escape you would want to have after a long day.

Fluffy Egg Delights

mcdonald's fluffy egg delights
Photo: @My.Mcdonalds (Facebook)

Greet the day with a heartwarming breakfast. Enjoy a range of fluffy scrambled eggs sandwiches; Crispy Chicken & Scrambled Egg Sandwich, Sausage & Scrambled Egg Sandwich or the Scrambled Egg Sandwich. Pair it with savoury Hashbrowns or Iced Latte to complete your meal.

Hurry Up Before The Time Runs Out

Although it is not mentioned how long, the offer will only be around for a limited time. So, food explorers, it’s now or never!

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