MCO 2.0: Here’s The Full SOP For CNY Celebrations


  • Celebrations allowed within family members from the same household only
  • No big gatherings/ dinners allowed outside of household
  • Rituals/ religious activities related to CNY are not allowed
  • Max 5 pax in temples for those committee members
  • No lion dance, performances, and parades
  • No interstate travelling for CNY visits

Full SOP For This Upcoming Chinese New Year Celebrations:

Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has just announced the detailed SOP for Chinese New Year celebrations in the recent announcement. Celebrations are only allowd within family members from the same household. Meaning to say no big gatherings or dinners are allowed outside of the house.

Photo: Packist (Website)

In addition, rituals or religious activities related to CNY are not allowed to perform. This includes prayers in the temples, devotees are only allowed to pray at home. For those who are running or taking care of the temples, only a maximum of 5 committee members are allowed to be in the premise.

There won’t be any lion dance, performances, parades and tanglung festivals this year. Those who are celebrating, it is advised to adhere to strict SOP and practice social distancing. Stay safe and be a diligent citizen.

Source: The Star


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