This Hidden Stall In Johor Bahru Sells Nasi Lemak From Only 80 Cents

We all know that businesses have been hit hard since the MCO last year so supporting local businesses has been called for more than ever. So, in today’s entry, we are inspired to share this spot located right here in Johor Bahru that sells Nasi Lemak prices at only 80 cents! Tuck in to find out more about this Nasi Lemak stall!

This Humble Stall In JB Has Been Selling Nasi Lemak At Only 80 Cents!

Photo: Bani Melayu (Facebook)

Tucked in a rural location, this stall near Bayu Marina Resort is quite the talk of the town. This couple still maintains the tradition of nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaves and took a unique turn by selling their Nasi Lemak for only 80 cents each. According to the owners, they decided to sell Nasi Lemak at a very cheap price because they want to ease the burden of buyers. Sometimes, there are buyers who buy their nasi lemak in large quantities to be donated to the less fortunate.

Photo: Bani Melayu (Facebook)

Additionally, each packet comes with a huge hearty portion. Their Nasi Lemak is pack with sambal, peanuts, and omelette. It’s a classic combination that’s hard to resist. Simply grab a packet from the table and unwrap this parcel of savoury goodness.

Photo: Bani Melayu (Facebook)

Have You Tried It?

Are you one of the many loyal fans of Mr & Mrs Nasi Lemak 80 Sen at Taman Bayu Puteri? If you have not tried, head on down today for some fragrance goodness Nasi Lemak you know you can’t resist! Tag your buddies for some local breakfast treats today.

Photo: Bani Melayu (Facebook)

Mr & Mrs Nasi Lemak 80 Sen

Address: Jalan Bayu Puteri 2/1, Taman Bayu Puteri, 80150 Johor Bahru (nearby Bayu Marina Resort)

Contact No: 012-7970477 / 016-7474858

Status: Muslim-owned eatery

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