This Boat Noodle Joint in Johor Serves Authentic Thai Fares At RM 1.90 Only

Eat Till You Drop!

Hello foodies! Before we begin, we hope you guys are as healthy as a horse because in today’s writeup we’re gonna introduce something that will blow your minds away. As we already know, we can’t possible get by having less than RM 5 for a meal; if there are any, they are some rare breed. But we recently discover an eatery that serves boat noodle and other snacks at a whopping RM 1.90 per plate. Shall we put our hands together for Nakon Thai? Keep scrolling to find out more about this eatery!

Your Next Must-Visit Thai Boat Noodle Spot in Johor

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Nakon Thai: The Predecessor of Aroi Thai Boasting A Varied Menu

As always, before we dive right into our honest verdict of the food at Nakon Thai, we will first sprinkle you guys with Nakon Thai’s background information. Nakon Thai is the predecessor of the renowned Aroi Thai which has a humble beginning in Klang Valley 5 years ago. The rebranding of Aroi Thai into Nakon Thai is necessary to provide the loyal patrons with a wider range of eatery such as including BBQ options and many more.

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Besides that, Nakon Thai holds the meaning of ‘traditional, authentic recipe’; which became their tagline when launching Nakon Thai. Currently, the other branches of Aroi Thai will be undergoing the same rebranding process so fans of Aroi Thai, you guys will be signing yourselves up for Thai Boat Noodle goodness!

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Glass-House Exterior For Sunlight and Sea Breeze

Nakon Thai is located in the area of Desaru, within the compounds of the majestic Tunamaya Resort. In addition, Nakon Thai is stationed within a glass-house exterior which provides natural sunlight in the day and windy sea breeze at night. Outdoor seats are available for customers looking to bask in the sunlight and admire Mother Nature. Also, if you’re looking for a spot to host any events, Nakon Thai should be on the list of a potential venue.

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Slurp-Worthy, Aromatic Thai Boat Noodle

Thai Boat Noodle’s specialty lies in their ability for us to consume bowls after bowls due to their delectability. So, because of Nakon Thai’s varied menu, their Boat Noodle comes in (3) flavours namely Chicken Boat Noodle, Beef Boat Noodle as well as Tom Yam Boat Noodle. The Chicken and Beef Boat Noodle carry a distinct aromatic flavour to them while the Tom Yam Boat Noodle is every Tom Yam lover’s dream come true. Also, the Thai Glass noodle used are directly imported from Thailand so once again, it’s authenticity at its finest.

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Fragrant, Thai-Inspired Rice Dishes

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Besides the boat noodles that you guys can’t miss out on, Nakon Thai also has rice-lovers on their mind. There are plenty of rice dishes to pick from such as the signature Thai Basil Chicken with Rice, Thai-style Omelette with Minced Chicken, Tom Yum Chicken Fried Rice, Traditional Thai Curry Rice as well as Pineapple Fried Rice. With plenty of options to pick from, you will be spoilt for choice. Foodie recommends the Thai Basil Chicken with Rice, so try it out and let us know what you guys think!

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11 Thai Side Dishes To Choose From

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If the boat noodle and rice dishes aren’t enough to fill your appetite, there are plenty of side dishes to choose from. There are a total of 11 side dishes, all priced at RM 1.90 only. The side dishes include Chicken and Beef Meat Ball, Hat Yai Fried Chicken Wing, Pandan Chicken, Tom Yum Fish Balls and the list goes on. Also, one bite of the Fried Chicken Wing and you’ll be tempted to keep on ordering.

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Drinks And Dessert to End The Meal on a Perfect Note

Enough of the food, let’s move on to some thirst quenchers and the favourite part for most people, dessert! However, the drinks are priced at RM 3.90 but the dessert remains at RM 1.90 only. The drinks that are the perfect hot weather remedy is the Coconut Juice that bears the word refreshing all over it. Also, the Thai Tea has an authentic Thai Milk Tea boost to it.

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Last but not the very least, is the dessert here at Nakon Thai. When you think about Thai food, the first immediate dessert that comes to mind has to be the Mango Sticky Rice. If you’re an avid lover of Mango Sticky Rice, you can fulfil your cravings without having to fly over to Thailand. The best part? It is only RM 1.90. Also, if you’ve ever tasted Mango Sticky Rice at Thailand, the one at Nakon Thai is definitely on par.

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Serving Authentic Thai Boat Noodle and More At RM 1.90

Finally, it’s time for our honest verdict about this place. If you love to savour authentic Thai dishes and slurp on Thai Boat Noodle, this is a must-visit. Besides, we’re sure the previous name of Aroi Thai has made its own reputation among foodies. Bring your family and friends here and enjoy the abundant authentic Thai fares!

Address: Bandar Penawar, 81930,Kota Tinggi, Johor.

Opening Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM (Opens Daily

Status: Muslim-friendly

Check out the video we made during our visit:

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