This Eatery In JB Has Been Selling Nasi Padang With A Variety Of Dishes For Over 30 Years


Hello, our dearest Foodies! If there’s one thing that people don’t talk enough about, it’s Nasi Padang. The steamed rice served with various choices of pre-cooked dishes. So good! So, in today’s entry, we are inspired to share this spot located right here in Jalan Tampoi, JB that sells Nasi Padang! Keep scrolling as we’re about to introduce to you guys Nasi Padang Tampoi!

Nasi Padang Tampoi: A Must-Try Dish When You’re In Johor Bahru!

Photo: @Nasipadangtampoi (Facebook)

In this article, we’ll be talking about an Indonesian dish that has been making waves in recent years – Nasi Padang! Nasi Padang Tampoi has gained loyal fans, both locals and tourists, and this is apparent from the long queues at the eatery. If you haven’t tasted this delicacy yet, then you’ll definitely be enticed to try it once you’ve read this!

Photo: @chefkissing (Instagram)
Photo: @leonieagustina (Instagram)

Operated for over 30 years and still ongoing, Jimmy the owner sells Nasi Padang 10+ years at a roadside stall under the railway bridge at Jalan Tampoi and 20+ years at this shop lot. How amazing! In addition, the specialty of this eatery is the fried chicken which is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, crispy savoury sweet fried tapioca chip, and the house-made sambal chili.

Photo: @jomak_kitchen (Instagram)

So, when you guys are planning to have lunch in Johor Bahru, don’t forget to search for Nasi Padang Tampoi. You definitely don’t want to miss the variation and deliciousness of Nasi Padang!  See you guys in the next post!

Photo: Nana Wong (Facebook)

Address: 86H, Batu 3½, Jalan Tampoi, Taman Mulia, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Hours: 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM (Closed on Saturday & Sunday)

Status: No Pork No Lard

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