5 Amazing Places To Order Ketupat, Lemang And Other Hari Raya Meals In Johor

In Malaysia, we can always look forward to a variety of traditional dishes from our Ramadan bazaars. If there’s another thing that keeps us excited every year, it’s definitely Hari Raya Dishes! For the uninitiated, Lemang, Ketupat, Burasak and Ketupat Palas consists of rice or glutinous rice cooked in different ways – and it’s best enjoyed with a side of rendang! If the thought of food makes you hungry, here’s where to order Hari Raya Meals in Johor!

1. Burasak Bugis Warisan

Photo: Burasak Bugis Warisan (Facebook)

A crowd favourite during Ramadan, make your way to Burasak Bugis Warisan, and order a few sets of Burasak for Raya! You can also order other dishes like Serunding Kelapa, Rendang, Asam Pedas Ikan Parang, and Rendang Udang.

Photo: Burasak Bugis Warisan (Facebook)

Address: No4a Jalan Kedidi Kampung Sepakat 2, Masai, Johor

Contact No: 016 – 7289172

Social Media: Facebook

2. Bob Ketupat Kg Kurnia

Photo: @bobketupat (Instagram)

There’s no better way to enjoy Ketupat than with a side of beef rendang and serunding. Just make sure to order enough Ketupat from Bob Ketupat Kg Kurnia because your family will be reaching for a second helping! They are also sell Lemang, Lepat, Lodeh, Sambal Kacang and Sambal Tumis!

Photo: @bobketupat (Instagram)

Address: Jalan Murni 8, Kampung Kurnia, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor

Contact No: 016-714 0103

Social Media: Instagram

3. Ketupat Palas Lemak JB

Photo: @ketupatpalaslemakjb (Facebook)

City folks in Johor can relate to the lack of space to prepare Ketupat in the comfort of their home, but here’s where Ketupat Palas Lemak JB comes to the rescue! Specialty in Ketupat Palas, just pre-order your Ketupat Palas and other side dishes and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

Photo: @ketupatpalaslemakjb (Facebook)

Contact No: 019-613 0267

Social Media: Facebook

4. Lemang Alif

Photo: @lemangalif (Facebook)

It takes immense skills to prepare Lemang, and you can always trust that Lemang Alif will deliver yummy ones to you. With a huge stall set up in front of Big Bundle Bukit Alif JB, you can order in advance and pick it up with ease!

Photo: @lemangalif (Facebook)

Address:  Pasir Gudang Highway, Taman Bukit Alif, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor (In front of Big Bundle Bukit Alif JB)

Phone No: 019-7318144 & 011-72636865

Link(s): Facebook

5. Ketupat Palas Frozen

Photo: @Syamim Sanadi (Facebook)

Last but not least, wrapping up our list of best places to order Hari Raya meals in Johor is Ketupat Palas Frozen. Range from Ketupat Lemak tawar, Ketupat Lemak manis, Ketupat manis kacang, Ketupat manis pulut hitam, Ketupat manis serunding daging, Ketupat lemak serunding daging, Ketupat lemak serunding to Ketupat manis serunding ayam. Absolutely go well with the rest of your Raya meals.

Photo: @Syamim Sanadi (Facebook)

Contact No: 013-591 7620

Social Media: Facebook

Now that we’ve come to an end of our curation of the 5 amazing places to order Ketupat, Lemang, Burasak and other Hari Raya meals in Johor. There’s no better time to support the local businesses in Malaysia, and we hope you’ll visit these places for a taste of this traditional food! You can also share more places in the comment section! See you in the next post!

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