Prisoners In Kuantan Are Contributing Back To Society By Sewing Protective Suits For Frontliners

It’s all over the news! We have run out of protective suits, so much so that our medical frontliners have to wear garbage bags as an alternative. Knowing this, Malaysians are working hand in hand to create fresh supplies for them. Even inmates in Penor Prison, Kuantan, switched gears and are using their sewing skills to create the highest demanded outfit at the moment, the personal protection equipment (PPE), for the cause.

ppe malaysia
Photo: @bernama (Facebook)

The Prisoners Can Produce 20 Suits In A Day

Originally, Penor Prison’s tailoring workshop was used to produce uniforms. However, they have decided that they should prioritize the PPEs as of now. The inmates started to sew since last Friday and they can produce more than 20 suits a day. Finished products will be delivered straight to the Pahang State Secretary Office who will then distribute them to the State Health Department. The workshop will not take weekend breaks so that they can produce more.

ppe malaysia
Photo: @bernama (Facebook)

Sewing starts from 9 AM to 5 PM every day. All 18 of the prisoners are working very hard to measure, cut and sew the PPEs. The Penor Prison Director, Datuk Abu Hasan Hussain said that few of the prison staff had been briefed about how to make PPEs on the 25th of March. Ensuring that the PPEs are constructed with the proper procedure.

ppe malaysia
Photo: @thestar (Facebook)

As A Self Retribution And A Contribution To Society

Meanwhile, the workshop supervisor, Sarjan Muhd Mulyadi Abd Ghani stated that the inmates didn’t take long to comprehend the sewing procedures as they have already mastered the sewing machine. One of the prisoners, Man, 26, said that this the only contribution that he could do to help the troubled nation at the moment. “It’s just a small contribution, but I hope that it could protect our medical frontliners,” He continued that deep down, he was glad to be a part of this battle.

Solidarity is hands down contagious! After the nation fell into a state of despair with the Covid-19 pandemic, somehow, we are getting stronger than we have ever been before. Hopefully, we will not forget this sense of unity when this pandemic wave is over.

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