Malaysians Can Now Report COVID-19 Quarantine Breachers Via WhatsApp

This year has been a tough ride with COVID-19. The cases are yet to drop to a single-digit and it is necessary for us to take this seriously. While the government has set a strict 14 days self-quarantine rule for those who return to the country, there are some who breach the rules. And if you indeed spot any breachers wearing COVID-19 wristbands dining outside, you can now report using WhatsApp.

Report COVID-19 Quarantine Breachers Via WhatsApp

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With the MCO kicking in March, the international borders have been strict when it comes to traveling. Allowing only Malaysian residents to enter into the country, each traveler has to obey a strict 14 day home quarantine while wearing a COVID-19 wristband. However, with more cases of people breaching the rules, the government now wants you to report any breachers who are dining in public.

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If you happen to spot anyone wearing a COVID-19 coloured wristband, you can now contact the Crisis Preparedness And Response Centre. Simply drop a Whatsapp message to these number  +60109699435, +60139279454, +60139360454. Remember to include the following details too!

  • A photo of the breacher (with wristband)
  • Name and address of the restaurant
  • Time and date of the incident

We’re In This Together

Photo: CPRC (Official)

Everyone’s health matters and we should respect others too. So, if you’ve indeed just returned to Malaysia, it’s best for you and everyone else to keep a safe distance. While we know it might be hard to stay at home for the entire 14 days, it’s better than being caught in public with a fine!

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