This Eatery In Kluang Serves Authentic Malay Food Under A Traditional Malay House Vault

Hello Foodies! Planning to travel to Kluang but are still looking for a nice lunch spot? Well, we’ve just discovered a unique eatery for Foodies that always want to try something authentic. Keep reading as we’re about to take you along a journey through Restoran Bawah Kolong in Kluang, Johor!

Restoran Bawah Kolong Serves Authentic Malay Dishes

Restoran Bawah Kolong Kluang
Photo: @dropdinecafe (Instagram)

Who would have thought vault which was once space under a traditional Malay house to relax and avoid flooding could be interesting if utilized properly? The advantage is taken by the owner, who creates an eatery under the vault of his house four years ago. This eatery starts to serve various dishes as early as 10 AM until 4.30 PM.

Restoran Bawah Kolong Kluang
Photo: Restoran Bawah Kolong (Facebook)
Restoran Bawah Kolong Kluang
Photo: Restoran Bawah Kolong (Facebook)

Moreover, there are 35 types of side dishes at the store and among the menu that customers often choose are Ikan Patin and Ayam Mampung Masak Lemak, Daging Salai Masak Lemak Cili Padi, Paru Berlada, Asam Pedas, and Sambal Belacan.

Restoran Bawah Kolong Kluang
Photo: @nrsafqhh (Instagram)
Restoran Bawah Kolong Kluang
Photo: Kak Nedd Makcik Bawang (Facebook)

A Unique Dining Experience At Kluang

When you guys are planning to wander around Kluang during the weekend, don’t forget to search for this eatery! Undeniably, this is one of the best spots to experience authentic Malay food. Don’t forget to bring your friends and family here and have your cravings satisfied!

Restoran Bawah Kolong Kluang
Photo: @pfrsch (Instagram)

Status: Muslim-Owned

Address:  No 6, Jalan Cempaka, Kg Melayu, 86000 Kluang, Johor

Operation Hours: 11 AM until 4 PM (Opens Every day)

Social Media: Facebook

Drive up and hop into the train, and come explore Restoran Bawah Kolong this weekend! See you guys in the next post!

Cover Photo Credit: @pfrsch | @Restoran Bawah Kolong (Facebook) | @nrsafqhh (Instagram)

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