This Uncle In Permas Jaya Has Been Selling Assorted Rojak For Over 30 Years

Hello, our dearest Foodies! If there’s one thing that people don’t talk enough about, it’s a traditional snack. From various colorful Kuih to light bites like Bahulu and even iced treats like Cendol, there’s a wealth of yummy traditional snacks out there that deserve more praise. So, in today’s entry, we are inspired to share this spot located right here in Permas Jaya that sells Rojak! Keep scrolling as we’re about to introduce to you guys Rojak Pak Atim!

Pak Atim Sells Assorted Rojak For Only RM 6!

Rojak Pak Atim
Photo: Hafiez Adam Runner Jb (Facebook)

In this article, we’ll be talking about a traditional snack that has been making waves in recent years – Rojak! Known as Pak Atim, Rojak Pak Atim (Orang Lama) has gained loyal fans, both locals and tourists, and this is apparent from the long queues at his stall. If you haven’t tasted this delicacy yet, then you’ll definitely be enticed to try it once you’ve read this!

Rojak Pak Atim
Photo: @Izham Tarmizi (Facebook)
Rojak Pak Atim
Photo: @Izham Tarmizi (Facebook)

Operated in business for almost 30 years and still ongoing, Pak Atim sells assorted Rojak like Rojak Petis, Rojak Buah, Tauhu Bakar, and Rojak Kopok Lekor just in front of his house. Moreover, the specialty about Pak Atim’s Rojak is the generous amount of the ingredients and thickness of kuah ‘Petis’. No wonder his Rojak has always been a hot topic among locals.

Rojak Pak Atim
Photo: @Izham Tarmizi (Facebook)

So, when you guys are planning to journey over to Johor Bahru, don’t forget to search for Pak Atim’s stall. We will not guarantee if there will be any Rojak left because of the viral sensation! Join the queue and you definitely don’t want to miss the variation and deliciousness of Pak Atim’s Rojak!

Rojak Pak Atim
Photo: Runner Johor Ammar Yusof (Facebook)

Address: 175, Jalan Permas 1, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 Masai, Johor

Hours: 3 PM – 9 PM (Wednesday & Thursday)

Status: Muslim-owned

Trust us, it isn’t just a simple snack, it’s a whole culinary experience and a must-try for every foodie! See you guys in the next post!

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