This Online Shop Is Where You Can Find Ready-To-Eat Mee Siput Muar With Sambal

Hello foodies! Since the Covid-19 outbreak happened, we can see everyone’s eagerness about shopping online. From home appliances, clothes, to food. Now, we can see every online shop is increasingly racing to sell various items. A shop that recently caught our eyes is SAUDAGAR MEE SIPUT MUO, a store specializing in a nostalgic snack from Muar – Mee Siput.

Nostalgic Mee Siput By Saudagar Mee Siput Muo

Photo: Erni Eliani (Facebook)

Mee Siput Muar is traditionally and originally hand-made with flour dough which will then be rolled, stretched into long noodle-like strips or strings before being swirled in a circular spiral pattern to resemble the shell of a snail. They are dried in the sun before being deep-fried in cooking oil until crispy and crunchy. The ready-to-eat snack is best served with condiments like sambal or chili sauce.

Photo: Erni Eliani (Facebook)

Increasingly gaining attention from netizens, most sellers only sell unfried Mee Siput but, this seller boldly sells in ready-to-eat form. Of course, there are various undesirable risks occurring. For improvement, the seller has started using the method of separating the packages of Mee Siput & Sambal Tumis. This ensures secure packaging.

Photo: Erni Eliani (Facebook)

The Perfect Snack On The Go!

Operating from their online store, Mee Siput by Saudagar Mee Siput Muo is now mushrooming in popularity across Malaysia. As proof, their Mee Siput has sold almost 2,200 packets! So, there’s really no excuse for you not to try.

Saudagar Mee Siput Muo

Link: Shopee

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