This Stall In Johor Turns Takoyaki Into Birthday Cakes For A Special Celebration

Who would you surprise this cake with?

Hello Foodies! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or an important milestone, having a cake for any special occasion is almost always a must. And while most people tend to settle for the classic double-layered sponge cake filled and covered with buttercream, others take the opportunity to try different styles, flavours and themes. If you fall in the latter, then you’ll definitely be interested to know all about these Takoyaki Cake by Mr Tako Sungai Sayong!

Street Tako by Mr Tako Sungai Sayong: Takoyaki Cake

Photo: @streettakoss (Facebook)

Located at Sungai Sayong, Kulai, this stall upgrades one of our favourite snacks into a special occasion cake! Known for only selling takoyaki, this stall has heads turning with its recent insane creation, takoyaki cake.

Photo: @streettakoss (Facebook)

They start by making the takoyaki generously filled with toppings such as crabs, chicken, fish and octopus and then arrange them in the shape of a cake. Oh, and the best part? It is topped off with creamy mayonnaise, Takoyaki sauce, bonito flakes and seaweed flakes. How cool is that! Available in all kinds of sizes, pick from a range of 6 inches to 10-inch cakes that come in round shapes. You’ll be guaranteed nothing but an outrageously delicious cake!

Photo: @streettakoss (Facebook)

Status: Muslim-Owned

Address: Sungai Sayong, Kulai, Johor

Social Media: FacebookInstagram

Phone No: 013-479 3937

So if you’re ready to switch things up with something unique, Street Tako by Mr Tako Sungai Sayong should definitely be your go-to choice!

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