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Tealive Rolls Out DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit To Satiate All Your Bubble Tea Cravings


  • Tealive releases its first-ever DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit.
  • Each kit comes with the necessary ingredients and recipe to perfect a cup of Tealive Bang Bang Coffee/Matcha.
  • To order, just PM CEO of Tealive, Bryan Loo on Instagram.

Foodies! Amidst the Movement Control Order, can we just be honest and say that sometimes it gets a tad boring? Which is probably why everyone is spending their time in the kitchen with easy recipes. Everywhere on social media, we see our friends’ hidden cooking skills. From Dalgona Coffee to Matcha Dalgona and many more, it seems like one thing is missing: bubble tea. With that said, Tealive has heard us and just introduced a DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit.

Make Your Own Tealive Bubble Milk Tea From Home

Tealive DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit
Photo: @tealiveasia (Instagram)

Over the years, while we have seen the rise and surge of the bubble tea fever, we need to admit that a cup once in a while is necessary. But since Malaysia is now under the MCO and we’re all encouraged to stay home, what do we do to alleviate the bubble tea cravings? Of course, we can order from delivery platforms but honestly, where’s the fun in that?

Tealive DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit
Photo: @ayhrene.1994 (Instagram)

So, with fun in mind, Tealive releases a DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit for all bubble tea lovers. Inspired by Tealive’s Bang Bang Milk Tea, one DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit comes with 1KG tapioca pearls, 3 bottles of MilkLab milk, 20 wide straws, 500g brown sugar, and imported Nishio Matcha as well as imported hojicha. Each kit is selling it RM150.

Tealive DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit
Photo: @bryan_loob (Instagram)
Tealive DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit
Photo: @bryan_loob (Instagram Stories)

With one set of the Tealive DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit, we will have the options of making 20 cups either Bang Bang Brown Sugar Coffee Espresso or even the Bang Bang Brown Sugar Matcha Latte. Additionally, worry not as each kit also comes with the recipe to make both drinks. The delivery of the kits will take 7 days.

Tealive DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit
Photo: @bryan_loob (Instagram)

Normally,  we’ve only seen these kits overseas but this time, Malaysia has its very own. So, kudos Tealive for this novel invention. If you’re looking to unleash the hidden chef in you, go ahead and try this one out. To order, just PM Bryan Loo, CEO of Tealive, here.

Tealive DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit
Photo: @_weiann (Instagram Stories)

Have Fun While You’re At It

Also, don’t forget to share your end products here and we wish you good luck. Happy slurping!

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