Tealive Malaysia Releases First-Ever DIY Fruitea Kit To Satiate All Your Fruit Tea Cravings


  • Tealive Malaysia introduces new ‘My Fruitea Kit’ to let you customise your very own fruit tea.
  • You can now purchase it on Tealive’s website for RM120 (serves up to 30 pax).
  • It’s available for delivery within Peninsular Malaysia only.

Hello, our dearest foodies! It’s that time of the day and you’re looking for a drink to refreshen up a bit. While coffee is great to boost your energy up a little, it can be quite long-lasting. Even until late night. So what can we have? If you’re thinking of tea, we’ve got something fun for you! This time around, Tealive Malaysia is releasing its first-ever DIY ‘My Fruitea Kit’ so you can make your very own fruit tea in the comfort of your home.

Make Your Very Own Fruit Tea With Tealive’s My Fruitea Kit

Photo: Tealive Asia (Facebook)

Tealive is one of our favourite places for bubble tea and fruit tea. With a range of flavours to choose from, most of us have a hard time deciding what to order. However, with Tealive’s new kit, you don’t have to struggle anymore! This time around, Tealive is releasing a new My Fruitea Kit that comes with 3 different fruit flavours. The best part is, you can enjoy your very own customised drink in the comfort of your home.

Photo: Tealive (Website)

After My Bubble Tea Kit, the My Fruitea Kit is an addition to Tealive’s DIY home kit. Featuring a box of surprise, get ready to unbox a kit that comes with Fruitea Syrup, Fruitea Mango, Fruitea Strawberry, Fruitea Passionfruit, Dimbula Ceylon Tea Blend, Jasmine Green Tea and Konjac Jelly!

Are You Ready To Customise Your Own Fruit Tea?

Photo: @tealive_raub (Instagram)

Available within Peninsular Malaysia only, you can now easily order this Fruitea Kit on Tealive’s official website. Set at a price of RM120 per kit, you’ll be delighted to know that this kit can serve up to 25 to 30 pax! So if you’ve got a planned gathering or party, fret not to give this fun DIY fruit tea kit a try!

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