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The First GSC 4DX Cinema in Johor is Now Open in Paradigm Mall

If you live in Johor, we have exciting news for you. Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) Malaysia has upgraded the cinema in Paradigm Mall. This new upgrade will enhance your movie experience. Don’t know what to do during the weekends? Well, now you do.

Photo: Golden Screen Cinemas

Enjoy Your Favorite Movies With 4DX Technology

paradigm mall 5
Photo: Golden Screen Cinemas

With this 4DX technology, you will be able to experience rain, snow and bubbles effects while watching your favorite movie. If you’re not familiar with 4DX technology, it is the world’s leading cinematic technology. Moreover, this new technology is able to produce effects like snow, rain and wind movement, providing you a multi-sensory cinematic experience.

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Photo: Golden Screen Cinemas

Besides that, you are advised to bring a coat to the cinema to avoid falling sick from the snow or rain. You will be able to experience either water dripping from the ceiling or drizzling snow from your seat. Additionally, there will be hundreds of bubbles being blown out as well. We’re pretty sure that this will be the children’s favorite part of the cinema. An adult ticket will cost about RM 22 while it cost RM 9 for children, OKU and senior citizens.

Your movie experience is guaranteed to be brought to a whole new level with this new upgrade. If you’ve not experienced snow before, here’s your chance to experience it without having to travel halfway across the world.

Photo: Golden Screen Cinemas
paradigm mall 4
Photo: Golden Screen Cinemas

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