This Locals’ Favourite Spot in JB Serves Steaming Hot Dim Sum

Calling all Dim Sum lovers!

If you’re a true hardcore Dim Sum lover, you’ll be jumping for joy. This is because we’re gonna talk about steaming hot Dim Sum joint in today’s writeup. Also, we aren’t just gonna pick a random Dim Sum spot and go along with it but instead, it’s a locals’ favourite go-to Dim Sum place. Ready to find out where?

steaming hot dim sum
Photo: @JohorFoodie

As you can already guess from the picture above (there are more to come, fret not). Now, put your hands together for Restoran Kak Kak Dim Sum 佳佳点心茶楼 ! This joint is located nearby Plaza Pelangi so if you reside nearby, this would already have been on your radar. As you guys know, we’ll always begin with some background chat before we start sprinkling this writeup with more Dim Sum goodness.

Kak Kak Dim Sum Opts Traditional Dim Sum Making Method

According to the owner of this restaurant, they have been operating for approximately more than 30 years. The stand out point of this Dim Sum joint lies in their traditional method of preparing Dim Sum. Unlike other modern, fast-paced Dim Sum joints, the fares here are still hand-made as well as steamed with tower-like steaming trays. So, if you’re looking for classic, old-school dim sum flavours, you guys know where to go right?

Now, to the best part of this writeup, let’s dig in to their Dim Sum! You can also see what we’ve ordered here. In addition, our team has created a video of this place so if you’re not much of a reader, we’ll have the video at the very end of this writeup.

A Wide Variety of Steaming Hot Dim Sum To Choose From

As you walk into the store, you will first be greeted by the buzzing crowd. Then your eyes will slowly lead you to the store-front. You will then lay your eyes upon the worker transferring plates of steamy, vibrant dim sum into bamboo trays. This is a place where you’ll be spoiled for choice.

restoran kak kak dim sum
Photo: @JohorFoodie

Signature Must-Order Dim Sum

kak kak lo Mei gei
Photo: @JohorFoodie

Some of the signature items that you guys have to order here include the Lo Mei Gei, Siu Mai, Fried Wantons as well as Lo Bak Kou. The Lo Mei Gei here has an instant melt-in-your-mouth texture with rich flavours complemented by the Chinese sausage, chicken meat and also the mushroom slice. Definitely foodie-approved.

restoran kak kak dim sum
Photo: @JohorFoodie

Next, what’s an awesome Dim Sum experience without including Siu Mai in the list right? The Siu Mai here is perfectly balanced between the fillings and the skin, it also has a tender and somewhat chewy texture upon the first bite.

wan tan
Photo: @JohorFoodie

In addition, the fried Wan Tons here are also worth the shot. If you’re an avid lover of crispy bite-sized Dim Sum that crackles upon biting into it, then you’ve gotta try this item. It’s guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

lo bak kou
Photo: @JohorFoodie

The following item is also a must-order if you dine at Kak Kak Dim Sum. Of course, it’s none other than their Lo Bak Kou. It has an almost similar consistency as fish ball so it’s a plate of chewy and tender Chinese Carrot Cake.

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Some of the other Dim Sum that we ordered are in the pictures below so feast away!

har gao
Photo: @JohorFoodie
Photo: @JohorFoodie
dim sum
Photo: @JohorFoodie

If you’re looking for a Dim Sum spot that’s delicious and friendly to your wallet, then head on over to Kak Kak Dim Sum. Also, don’t forget to bring along your loved ones to ‘yum cha’ and bond over these vibrant plates of steaming hot Dim Sum.

Address:  9, Jalan Maju, Taman Maju Jaya, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor

Operating Hours: 5.30 AM – 11.30 AM (Closes on Tuesdays)

Status: Non-Halal


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