Wall’s Mochi Ice-Cream Has 2 Other Flavours, Durian Matcha And Strawberry Cheese

The Hype Isn't Over

Calling all Mochi lovers! Wall’s actually has two other unique Mochi Ice-Cream flavours; Durian Matcha Mochi and Strawberry Cheese Mochi.


  • Viral Durian Mochi Ice-Cream actually comes in two other flavours
  • They are Durian Matcha and Strawberry Cheese Mochi.
  • Each box is priced at approximately RM 10
  • They’re found in hypermarkets around Malaysia (Billion, Mydin, Giant)

Durian Matcha Mochi and Strawberry Cheese Mochi Are Now Available

Hi friends! Happy weekend! Oftentimes, good news comes alongside the weekend as we can all take a short break from work. With that, let’s keep the goodness ongoing by sharing this piece of lip-smacking news with you guys. Remember the viral Durian Mochi Ice Cream from Wall’s that left everyone hyped up?

Durian Mochi
Photo: @theeatingbuddies (Instagram)

Well, there are actually other flavours available too! And the flavours are more unique than you think, it’s none other than Durian Matcha Mochi and Strawberry Cheese Mochi.

Durian Matcha, Strawberry Cheese Mochi
Photo: @EkinSelamanya (Facebook)

If you’ve managed to give the Durian Mochi a go, you’ll know that it’s really good. It’s like a fusion between actual Durian and ice cream, paired with the chewy Mochi that makes it irresistible.  Ever since the release, 7-Eleven everywhere has sold out of these gems and it became increasingly difficult for those of us who’ve yet to try it out to actually get one.

Durian Matcha, Strawberry Cheese Mochi
Photo: @RaraZabidinMua (Facebook)

So, if you’re still trying to hunt the Durian Mochi ice-cream, here are 2 more flavours to add into the list. To be frank, if the Durian one had tasted SO GOOD, we think the 2 other flavours won’t be bland in comparison. The Durian Matcha Mochi boasts a Matcha Mochi skin with Durian ice-cream in it.  While the Strawberry Cheese Mochi has Strawberry Puree and Cheese in it. Yums!

Durian Matcha, Strawberry Cheese Mochi
Photo: @JuneYazid (Facebook)

Also, these flavours come in a box, consisting of 4 pieces each. Each box is priced at approximately RM10. According to some netizens, these new flavours are available at some hypermarkets or mini-marts across Malaysia such as Billion, Giant, Mydin. Although we can’t pinpoint one exact location. So, shall we say, this is where the real hunting actually takes place?

Durian Matcha, Strawberry Cheese Mochi
Photo: @IntanSuriani (Facebook)

Let The Search Begin

Once again, if you’re a huge fan of the Durian Mochi Ice-Cream, then take a chance and give these 2 new flavours a hunt. Good luck guys!

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