This Stall In Johor With A Scenic Beach View Serves Crispy Snacks, Shaved Ice & More

Hello Foodies! there are plenty of Insta-worthy eateries in Johor that can inspire you to pick up your camera and snap away. And while we’ve got plenty of them to explore and revisit – now that we’re free to dine out responsibly – we always have room for one more. Prepare to escape the city for a bit as we present you Warung Pantai Manis Tg Sedili, the latest hot spot in Kota Tinggi everyone’s been talking about!

Warung Pantai Manis Tg Sedili: Escape The City, Satisfy Your Tummy

Photo: Leen Muajb (Facebook)

Located in Tg Sedili, about an hour’s drive from Johor Bahru, you’ll find Warung Pantai Manis Tg Sedili on the beachside of Pantai Manis. The stall has been viral since early this year, many customers keep returning because of the food and the beautiful beach that’s perfect for you and your family to hang out!

Photo: Leen Muajb (Facebook)

As you drive by the beach, you can easily spot the stall that’s always packed with customers. In addition, this stall is not only a place for teatime, but you can also book for events and gatherings. However, there are always rules and SOPs that you need to follow.

Photo: Leen Muajb (Facebook)

With the wood table and bench, Warung Pantai Manis Tg Sedili serves up a variation of fritters, keropok lekor, shaved ice, and beverages. Or if you’re visiting the beach for a picnic, this stall also provides a BBQ pit for you and your family to enjoy. There’s no better way to celebrate the sunset of the evening!

Photo: Pantai Manis Tanjung Sedili (Facebook)

With great food, a cool atmosphere and a vibe that makes you feel like you’re on a holiday in a different country, it’s time to grab your friends and camera for a teatime date at Warung Pantai Manis Tg Sedili!

Photo: Pantai Manis Tanjung Sedili (Facebook)

Status: Muslim-Owned

Address: Pantai Manis Tanjung Sedili, Kota Tinggi, Johor

Operation Hours: 1 PM – 7 PM (Tuesday – Friday); 12 PM – 7 PM (Saturday & Sunday) (Closed on Monday)

Featured Image(s): Pantai Manis Tanjung Sedili (Facebook), Leen Muajb (Facebook)

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