This Stall In Muar Serves Mee Bandung That’s Perfect For Your Next Food Adventure

Hello Foodies! Planning to travel to Muar but are still looking for a nice dining spot? Well, we all know Mee Bandung is like a national food in Muar. But some visitors are still searching for the best Mee Bandung and we’re surely here to help! Keep scrolling as we’re about to introduce to you guys more about Warong Zie Resepi!

Warong Zie Resepi Serves Mee Bandung With Gigantic Prawn And Crab!

Photo: @jomsinggahwarong (Instagram)

Warong Zie Resepi is one of the most popular Mee Bandung stall in Muar. The name of this restaurant is already familiar to many fans of Mee Bandung, especially residents of Muar. The main specialty lies in the sauce, which is said to be very balanced, making it tasty. Besides, if you’re fond of seafood, you won’t be disappointed with the portion they’ll serve to you!

Photo: Warung ZIE Resepi (Facebook)

Moreover, this stall also sells Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng and Rojak for you to try out.

Photo: Warung ZIE Resepi (Facebook)

When you guys are planning to wander around Muar during the weekend, don’t forget to search for this Warong Zie Resepi in Bukit Kepong. Undeniably, the size of the prawn in Mee Bandung is huge, the prawn is also fresh and tastes sweet. Absolutely guaranteed to be full! Don’t miss out on trying this spot the next time you make a trip over to Muar!

Photo: @Warong Zie Resepi (Facebook)

Status: Muslim-Owned

Address:  KM60 Jalan Muar-Labis Bukit Kepong, Kampung Bukit Kepong, Johor (Nearby Caltex Bukit Kepong, Muar)

Operation Hours: 11 AM until 7 PM (Closed on Monday)

Phone No: 017-723 7342

Social Media: Facebook

So come get your cravings fixed right now! We absolutely guarantee that you will come again for their saliva-drooling food. See you guys in the next post! Bye!

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