73 Year-Old Uncle In Kluang Sells Assorted Fritters For Only RM0.10 A Piece

Hello, our dearest Foodies! Fritters or in Malaysia we call it ‘Jemput-jemput’ is a classic kuih. With many delicacies ranging from many different heritage backgrounds, we always find stalls selling ‘Jemput-jemput’ to satisfy our sweet tooth. So, in today’s entry, we are inspired to share this spot located right here in Kluang. Keep scrolling as we’re about to introduce to you guys this really hot-spot!

A 73-Year-Old Man Sells Assorted Fritters For Only 10 Cents A Piece!

Jemput-Jemput Pak Mail Kluang
Photo: @AzmiAbdulLatiff (Facebook)

Known as Pak Mail, the 73-year-old man still manages to sell a variety of fritters every day. The variety and uniqueness of the fritter’s flavors are what attract the buyers to stop by and purchase some. Some of the most common flavors are shrimp, fish, vegetables, and rice. Other than that, Pak Mail also sells fritters filled with dragonfruit, jackfruit, pineapple, corn, melon, and papaya.  Besides, about 2,000 fritters a day can be sold by Pak Mail at his stall. 

Jemput-jemput Pak Mail Kluang
Photo: @cikpuanogy (Facebook)
Jemput-jemput Pak Mail Kluang
Photo: @hawamayati (Facebook)

So, when you guys are planning to journey over to Kluang, don’t forget to search for Pak Mail’s stall. We will not guarantee if there are any fritters left because of the viral sensation! Join the queue and you definitely don’t want to miss the variation and deliciousness of Pak Mail’s fritters!

Address: Jalan Teratai, Kampung Melayu, 86000 Kluang, Johor

Operation Hours: 4 PM – 6 PM (Opens Everyday)

So come get your ‘jemput-jemput’ fix right now! We guarantee that you will pay Pak Mail a visit again. See you guys in the next post!

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