Johor Will Be The First In Malaysia To Introduce The New Automated Rapid Transit (ART) System

Public transportation is very important especially in big and buzzing cities. Not only will it help people with no mode of transportation to get to places, but it can also carry a ton of people at the same time and reduce the number of vehicles on the street. Knowing this importance, Johor has welcomed a new public transportation system that can carry more than 300 people at the same time.

ART Johor
Photo: @NicholasBoey

The First In Malaysia To Implement ART

Photo: @NicholasBoey ART Johor

Mobilus Sdn Bhd has welcomed the first automated rapid transit (ART) system in Johor. Apparently, Iskandar Malaysia, Johor, will be the first city in Malaysia to receive this new technology. Just imagine a hybrid vehicle that combines bus, train, and tram. What’s amazing about it is that it has a sensor that can read tacks on road thus allowing it to operate automatically.

Photo: @NicholasBoey ART Johor

Able To Carry More Than 300 Passengers At A Time

Photo: @NicholasBoey ART Johor

ART is a medium-capacity transit system that is created for public use. This system uses leading-edge technology and allows larger capacity at a lower cost. And, it operates on clean sources of energy such as electricity or hydrogen. When compared to the traditional light-rail system it operates on clean sources of energy. It can also move up to 70 km/h and carry more than 300 passengers with its 3 coached. Meanwhile, the system was said to be implemented in the first quarter of 2021.

Source: The Edge Markets

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