10 Minimalist Cafes In Johor That Are Perfect To Feed Your Gram

Hello, peeps! Johor is heaven for cafe hoppers. Blessed with a plethora of modern restaurants and cafes, the food scene here is something we’re proud of. And if you’ve already eaten your way through our list of best cafes in 2020, here’s more! But this time around, we’re not just talking about any cafes. A spot to sip up the calm atmosphere, we will be bringing you through 10 minimalist cafes in Johor!

10 Minimalist Cafes In Johor For A Dose Of Calm Vibe

1. The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen

Photo: @squarepad (Instagram)
Photo: @tropique.jb (Instagram)

Easily spotted from afar, The Replacement is situated in a white building that emanates vintage vibes. Unpretentiously good coffee and Melbourne-inspired eatery, this cafe is a popular spot amongst many Instagrammers too. Be it a simple corner in the cafe or the neon signs at the front, every corner here serves as a beautiful backdrop to your OOTD shot.

Operating Hours: 10AM – 6PM

Address: 33, Jalan Dhoby, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

2. The Brewmen

Photo: The Brewmen (Facebook)
Photo: @yumikoleng (Instagram)

Tucked in Tasek Central is this beautiful cafe that vibes simplicity. Large glass windows that spread from the ceiling to the floor, the natural light adds a soothing tone to the cosy ambiance. Not to mention, they have got many authentic brunch menus here too. From the classic Egg Benedict to a fancy Avocado Orange Toast, don’t miss out on their signature marbled Charcoal Latte!

Operating Hours: 10AM – 10PM

Address: Lot 2-44, Level 2, Tasek Central, No 2, Jalan Pendekar 16, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Skudai, Johor Bahru, Johor.

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

3. Off Day Cafe

Photo: @jialer16 (Instagram)
Photo: @offdaycafe (Instagram)

Unlike the usual minimalist cafes in town that captures various tones of white and greens, Off Day Cafe is a vibrant cafe that is touched with some pink colour palates. Simple art paintings that draw the attention of many minimalist, the cafe dishes a colourful blend of fares and desserts too. Offering Australian-inspired brunch, Korean-inspired dessert and locally roasted coffee, are you up for this?

Operating Hours: 10AM – 6PM (Closes on Tuesday)

Address: 57, Jalan Eko Botani 3/7, Taman Eko Botani. Gelang Patah, Johor.

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

4. PS Patisserie

Photo: @jacquelynedna (Instagram)
Photo: @joeyttan (Instagram)

Next up on our list is PS Patisserie. Potted plants set against the pale walls, the cafe has a crisp and modern design that is perfect for an afternoon break. Whether you come here for the coffee or to get some work done, you shouldn’t miss out on their creative desserts. Featuring fruit-shaped desserts that are touched with a subtle tea flavour, don’t forget to snap that ‘Gram before you dig in!

Operating Hours: 12:30PM – Sold Out (Closes on Monday)

Address: No. 15, Jalan Ponderosa 2/2, Taman Ponderosa, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

5. Rabbit Softserve

Photo: @daisybunch (Instagram)
Photo: @@ujiunyew (Instagram)

Next on our list is Rabbit Softserve. But what’s so special here is definitely the environment. Natural light, mint green walls and concrete floors, the cafe is filled with a minimalist vibe that doesn’t dim in modern styles. Not to mention, the tile wall creates a great backdrop to snap your OOTD too. Offering soft-serve flavours like white coffee, watermelon and more, don’t you think it’s time to gather your friends?

Operating Hours: 12PM-7PM (Sun-Thurs), 12PM -9PM (Fri-Sat) | Closes on Tuesday

Address: 254, Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

6. Mrs. Who

Photo: @uricacxy (Instagram)
Photo: @lohnoms (Instagram)

There is no other cafe in Johor like Mrs. Who. A modern cafe that allows sunlight to pour through the wide windows, it’s no surprise to find some lush greenery across the place. Not to mention, each table is enriched with a touch of nature by a vase of Baby’s-breaths. For the food, come here to enjoy some local delights and brunch fares. A dish that we love? It’s definitely the Fried Chicken and Waffle!

Operating Hours: 12PM – 9PM (Tues-Thurs), 2PM – 10PM (Fri), 10AM – 10PM (Sat), 10AM – 9PM (Sun)

Address: SKS Pavillion Residences, Jalan Storey, Bukit Senyum, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

7. Starry Studio

Photo: @michellechun_ (Instagram)
Photo: @smilinglilwen (Instagram)

A beautiful name to begin with, Starry Studio is actually a teahouse and florist tucked on the second floor of a shophouse. An institution of Instagrammers and tea lovers, the cafe consists of many aesthetic spots inspired by floral designs. Featuring a simple menu, immerse yourself into delish waffles, hot teas and cookies. And if the flowers decors have adorned you, fret not to sign up for workshops here too.

Operating Hours: 1PM – 7PM (Sat-Sun)

Address: 27-02, Jalan Ponderosa 2/2, Taman Ponderosa. Johor Bahru, Johor.

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

8. Kafuka Café

Photo: @kafukacafe(Instagram)
Photo: @yenniferwiththefluffy (Instagram)

This is another hidden cafe on the second floor of a shophouse. Themed with a clean white and beige tone that adds a touch of cosiness and homey feels, this spot is for the musicians. Guitars and ukulele tucked in the corner and on the shelves, finding them are like playing one of those ‘hidden object game’. As for your tummy, fret not to come here for the desserts, especially their cheesecakes!

Operating Hours: 12PM – 6:30PM (Mon-Wed), 12PM – 8PM (Fri-Sun) | Closes on Thursday

Address: 16A, Jalan Bendahara 12, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia 81300.

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

9. Cafe 1988

Photo: @s_jia (Instagram)
Photo: @fendy.l (Instagram)

Located in Muar, the exterior of Cafe 1988 is what draws many visitors. Wooden doors and little windows that resemble a traditional Japanese shop, the rattan chairs add a touch of homey feels. Upon pushing through the doors, expect a clean design that features potted cactus and bonsai. As for the food, don’t forget to try out their Squid Ink Rice with Burnt Shrimps and various flavours of souffle!

Operating Hours: 12PM – 7PM (Mon-Thurs) |  11AM – 10PM (Fri-Sun)

Address: 146, Jalan Dato Haji Hassan, Taman Sri Maharani, 84000 Muar, Johor.

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

10. Kokoro Cafe

Photo: @ kokoroflowersdesserts (Instagram)
Photo: @kokoroflowersdesserts (Instagram)

Last on our list is Kokoro Cafe. Glass doors and windows surrounded by a wooden frame, it’s a classy cafe that is touched by a sense of refreshing liveliness. Potted plants and dangling greenery, Kokoro Cafe is another florist place that sells scrumptious fares. Offering beautiful desserts ranging from cheesecake, swiss rolls to tarts, it’s a place for sweet tooths.

Operating Hours: 10AM – 6PM (Thurs-Wed), 10AM – 7PM (Sat-Sun) | Closes on Wednesday

Address: 68, Jalan Horizon Perdana 1, Johor Bahru 79100.

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

Which Cafe Will You Go First?

And here we are! We’ve reached the end of our list of ’10 Minimalist Cafes In Johor That Are Perfect To Feed Your Instagram’. While some cafes are touched with more colours than others, all these minimalist cafes are undoubtedly a spot that vibes simplicity and a place to cool off any stress. Anyways, let us know which ones are your favourite and see you in the next post!

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