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22-Year-Old Johorean Wins The Best Webcomic For Eisner Award 2020

Hello, foodies! Growing up in Asia, it’s hard to miss out on comic books. Be it the Japanese manga or the American comics, most of us spend our childhood reading these amazing art pieces. While some of us have even dreamed of becoming a comic artist, a 22-year-old Johorean has taken that to reality. And, even won some of the best awards for webcomics. It’s Erica Eng who has won the Best Webcomic for 2020 Eisner Award and more!

22-Year-Old Johorean Wins The Best Webcomic For Eisner Award 2020

Photo: @paprikapeprica (Instagram)

When it comes to comic books, most people would think of Japan or the Western side of the globe. We bet nobody would ever think about Malaysia. But you’re about to be mind blown because a Malaysian artist has won Best Webcomic for the 2020 Eisner Award and that’s considered as the ‘Oscar’ of the comic world! Not only that, but she was also nominated for Digital Book of the Year for the 2020 Harvey Awards.

Photo: @paprikapeprica (Instagram)

As much as it brings pride to the Malaysians, shall we dig into a little bit about this amazing artist? Started in 2015, Erica Eng begins scripting her webcomic ‘Fried Rice’ which was based on her own experiences after graduating high school. A very relatable comic with simple scenes that seem as if it was our own memory. This comic has even lead to Erica Eng’s award with Digital Book of the Year 2020 Harvey Awards & Eisner Award!

Congratulations To Erica Eng!

Photo: @paprikapeprica (Instagram)

Definitely the pride of Malaysia, have you read her webcomics yet? Perfect to read in the afternoon over a cup of tea, it’s definitely a read to recall some good old memories.  Additionally, let us what you think in the comment box below and see you in the next post!

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Link(s): Fried Rice Webcomic Website | Instagram

Cover Photo: @paprikapeprica (Instagram)

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