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McDonald’s M’sia Rolls Out New Brown Sugar Boba Series From Sept 3rd 2020


  • McDonald’s Malaysia introduces the new Brown Sugar Boba Series.
  • It’s available starting from September 3rd, 2020.

Hello, foodies! It’s Thursday and we know, everyone’s starting to feel a little tired and looking forward to the weekends. But hold on on your thoughts because we have exciting news that’ll instantly cheer you up and say ‘Yes!’. Are you ready for the spill? Well, it’s none other than our local ‘Mekdi’ or Mcdonald’s releasing their own Brown Sugar Boba series on their menu!

McDonald’s M’sia Introduces New Brown Sugar Boba Series

McDonald’s has a different menu across the globe. It’s also why some people travel to another country and yet still insist on eating at McDonald’s. Offering various delicacies that all taste good, they’re now introducing a new item in Malaysia. That is, the Brown Sugar Boba series!

Introducing the beloved Brown Sugar Boba series for the first time in Malaysia, the series comes with 3 beverages. Presenting Brown Sugar Boba Latte, Brown Sugar Boba Milk and Brown Sugar Boba Americano, simple get these amazing drinks at McCafe!

Are You Ready To Try Them All?

Not a new item globally, the boba series have actually launched in various places such as the Philippines and Taiwan. So, if you’re indeed a boba lover, then fret not to try them out at McCafes! Additionally, don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment box below and let us know what you think! Anyways, make sure you wear your masks when you’re out!

Photo: McDonald’s (Facebook)

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Cover Photo: McDonald’s | Jeasette Baguhin

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