5 Types Of Dishes You Can Make With Your Hari Raya Leftovers

No more food wastages

Selamat Hari Raya! The day of victory is finally here after a month of fasting. It’s time to enjoy the Ketupat, Lemang, Rendang, and Kuih Raya! Unfortunately, one thing we often do is cook too much so there is a lot of leftovers. So, where should this abundant food be? With the recipes below, you can be creative with existing ingredients and not waste food.

5 Food Ideas You Can Make With Some Hari Raya Leftovers!

1. Rendang Fried Rice

Photo: @novita._.sari (Instagram)

Of course, it would be a shame if we have to throw away the most delicious food in the world. Once you’re satisfied after eating it with Ketupat or Lemang, you can still enjoy rendang in a different way. Get ready for Rendang Fried Rice!

White rice (1 Plate)
Rendang seasoning (1 Tablespoon)
Egg (1)
Rendang meat, thinly sliced (2 Pieces)
Soy sauce (1 Teaspoon)

How to make:
Heat oil, make scrambled eggs, remove from heat, and set aside. Saute rendang spices until fragrant, add rice, rendang meat, and scrambled eggs, stir well. Add soy sauce, stir well. Cook until the seasoning is rather dry and fully coated the rice. Ready to serve!

2. Rendang Curry Puff

Photo: @anakbungsuamsterdam (Instagram)

Apart from being the main food, rendang can also be used as a snack. But not just to be eaten, it means you can process rendang meat with herbs and other ingredients to be used as a Curry puff filling. It tastes better than the Sardine or Potato pastels that you usually eat!

Pastry Ingredients:
Flour (250 grams)
Salt (1/4 teaspoon)
Vegetable oil (50 ml)
Water (100 ml)

How to make:
Make the pastry by mixing all ingredients and knead until smooth. Assemble it by taking the skin mixture, flattening it, filling it with Rendang, then folding and smoothing the edges. Fry in hot oil until cooked, and ready to serve!

3. Fried Lontong

Photo: @arifeddy (Instagram)

After the first day of Raya there must be no leftovers of side dishes but plenty of Nasi Impit / Ketupat leftovers at home right? How about modifying it into a Friend Lontong? It’s so easy to make!

Nasi Impit/Ketupat (1 bowl)
Chilli paste (1 Tablespoon)
3 Onion & 2 cloves of garlic – blend
Dried shrimp (2 Tablespoons) – dry blend
Shrimp – peel off the skin
Oyster sauce (2 Tablespoons)
Soy sauce (2 Tablespoons)
Dark soy sauce (1 Tablespoon)
4 eggs
Mung bean sprout
Fried onions
Salt and Sugar

How to make:
First, saute chili paste, onion, garlic, dried shrimp. Next, add the oyster sauce, soy sauce, dark soy sauce, shrimp, and season them with salt and sugar. Then, break the eggs and stir well. Follow by Nasi impit/ketupat, mung bean sprout, and chives. Lastly, sprinkle on the fried onion. It’s ready to be served!

4. Lempeng With Curry

Photo: @ida_cookery (Instagram)

Do you still have some leftovers of curry at home? You might be bored eating it with Ketupat, so why not try eating it with Lempeng? It’s super fast to make and absolutely delicious! Additional info, make sure to put the leftover curry into the fridge and heat it before serving.

Wheat Flour (1 Cup)
Water (1 Cup)
Salt (1/2 Teaspoon)
Onion (slice)
Chives (slice)
Cooking Oil

How to make:
Blend the wheat flour, water & salt until combine. Preheat the pan, add a little cooking oil, take a ladle of the mixture and flatten. Sprinkle onion and chives, cook on low heat. When it’s cooked, flip and cook the other side. Roll the Lempeng and cut into 3 pieces. Ready to served and dip with the curry!

5. Chocolate Peanut Cookie

Photo: @dinacookies_ (Instagram)

Sometimes, we get so many gifts in the form of Kueh Raya from relatives and friends. Of course it’s nice to have some Kueh Raya at home, it’s just that sometimes we get the same types of Kueh Raya. To work around this, you can modify the existing Kueh Raya with the following recipe to make it different!

Kueh Raya of your choice (best to use butter cookies or peanut cookies)
Chocolate (1 block)
Roasted peanuts/cashews, roughly chopped (250 grams)

How to make:
Melt chocolate and roll the Kueh Raya into chocolate, then roll it into chopped nuts. Set aside until it hardens.

Selamat Hari Raya!

Whatever you do on this holiday, don’t forget to continue to apply ethics and hygiene tips to take care of the health of your loved ones. Along with this article, the Foodie team wishes you Selamat Hari Raya!

Recipe By: @novita._.sari (Instagram)@ida_cookery (Instagram)@dinacookies_ (Instagram)

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