8 Beautiful Islands In Johor You Should Visit Once In Your Lifetime

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Hello Foodies! Sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and swaying palm trees – who doesn’t love exploring the beautiful islands in Johor? Lucky for us, there are many Johor islands to laze under the sun and enjoy the ocean breeze. If you’re ready, pack your bags because these 8 islands in Johor will definitely quench your thirst for adventure!

8 Stunning Islands In Johor That Are Perfect For Your Next Exploration!

1. Rawa Island

Rawa Island Johor
Photo: @kewbridge (Instagram)

The first stop for our adventure starts from the gorgeous Rawa Island. This hidden island gem located right here in Mersing is actually as good as the Maldives. Since it’s a rare gem that’s yet to be discovered by many, there are only 2 resorts here. One of Rawa Island’s highlights is the massive waterslide that is open to everyone! Take a few flights of stairs up and slide all the way down into Rawa Island’s crystal clear waters. No words can ever do justice to this majestic island except experiencing it first hand!

2. Sibu Island

Photo: @jc_kwee (Instagram)

Sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, jungle trekking, mangrove swamp exploring or visiting the local village – there’s something for everyone on Sibu Island. Moreover, this relatively untouched island is teeming with marine life in every hue imaginable which makes it a perfect island retreat. Continue your adventure by going on jungle treks, exploring coconut plantations, and admiring mangrove swamps.

Photo: @janejishu (Instagram)

3. Harimau Island

Photo: @_pija (Instagram)

Suitable for a half-day trip, it’s a whole new world right after you travel through the giant cavern of Pulau Harimau. You’ll be greeted by a natural private pool with turquoise water, and here you can enjoy swimming and floating around aimlessly. On the other side of the island is a white sandy beach with a view of the clear blue sky and an extremely stunning ocean. Don’t forget to take pictures of this amazing view!

Photo: @imkhairulikhwan (Instagram)

4. Tinggi Island

Photo: @farishanafie (Instagram)

Like the surrounding islands, Pulau Tinggi is also blessed with the most amazing clear waters and vibrant marine life. The island also homes a turtle hatchery which you are more than welcome to visit. Besides, there’s also jungle trekking on offer – hike to the waterfall or if you’re staying overnight, you can opt for a boat tour around the mangroves to spot fireflies. This will give you an abundance of experiences and memories that you will keep forever!

Photo: @mayyamalia (Instagram)

5. Tioman Island

outdoor activities in Pahang
Photo: @ededdeddee (Instagram)

Besides the islands of Perhentian, your bucket list would be incomplete without scuba diving in Tioman Island. Moreover, Tioman Island is known for its rich diversity of marine life, and scuba divers and underwater photographers have been known to visit this paradise often. While this island is a popular diving spot all year round, the best months for scuba diving are April to December and July to August.

outdoor activities in Pahang
Photo: @_theraidocean (Instagram)

6. Tengah Island

Photo: @kyoikillers (Instagram)

The island is developed enough to be comfortable, yet underdeveloped enough to still have a rustic charm. It features one and only one accommodation stay – Batu Batu Private Island Resort. The resort offers different types of villas ranging from jungle to ocean views and follows a strict sustainable concept. Now if you want to immerse in nature by helping to save the environment, all the while enjoying relaxing times by the beach or in the comfort of your villa, then this is a good option to consider for your next island getaway!

Photo: @magnusstendorf (Instagram)

7. Dayang Island

Photo: @angeljeeannqi (Instagram)

Ever wondered what paradise on earth looks like? Pulau Dayang is the answer! There’s more to Pulau Dayang than just its clear waters and snorkeling opportunities. You can also go for a short 40-minute hike to Letak Semalu which is a must-do! Make sure to bring along hiking shoes as you’ll be literally hanging on ropes to reach the top and it doesn’t get easier going downhill. You won’t be ready to forget those magnificent views!

Photo: @audreybaaaaathis (Instagram)

8. Besar Island

Photo: @agentekaty (Instagram)

Next up, spend the day exploring the quiet beaches around Besar Island or tire yourself with some exciting water activities provided by the resort. Moreover, there are also rugged paths to follow for some jungle trekking or simply laze on a hammock to enjoy the relaxed way of life and natural wonders right in front of you. No wonder that the island has been deemed as a marine park, attracting those who enjoy the underwater world more than ever.

Photo: @j__dbc (Instagram)

Which Island Are You Most Excited To Visit In The Future?

And with Besar Island, that marks the end of our list of the beautiful islands here in Johor. How many have you guys been to? Don’t forget to let us know if there are any that you think should be on this list. Till next time, guys!

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