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8 Insta-Worthy Eateries To Try Around Baazar Karat Johor Bahru

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A visit to Johor Bahru without going to its biggest most popular flea market is like eating nasi lemak without eggs. Said to be one of the most visited markets in Johor Baharu. Not only will you find vintage items at this Bazaar Karat, but apparently you can also find a lot of trendy cafes around the area! Better download the Lightroom App because these cafes will definitely pimp your gram.

8 Instagrammable Eateries Around Bazaar Karat Johor Baharu

1. Chaiwalla & Co. Container Cafe

Chaiwalla Co. Container Cafe
Photo: @chaiwallaco (Instagram)

Starting off strong, introducing Chaiwalla & Co. Container Cafe. As the name suggested, this is one of the earliest container cafes that exist in Johor Bahru. Designed as a rustic urban two-storeyed cafe that is a walking distance from JB Central. This cafe serves varieties of drinks that will tingle your senses and satisfy your parched throat at a very affordable price. It might not be elegant but it provides a relaxing ambiance to chill with friends.

Chaiwalla & Co. Container Cafe
Photo: @allytansx (Instagram)
Chaiwalla & Co.
Photo: @jieyingc (Instagram)

Address: 36, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Operation Hours: 11 AM Р12 AM (Sunday РThursday) | 11 AM Р1 AM (Friday РSaturday)

Contacts: 012-7353572

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

2. The Replacement – Lodge & Kitchen

The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen
Photo: @weihoe1001 (Instagram)

Providing its customers with an elegant countryside interior, The Replacement cafe is where you would want to go for a classy lunch. The cafe is beautifully designed with soothing and warm welcoming colours. Making it easier to get lost in time while you’re here.

The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen
Photo: @hello_aineun (Instagram)
The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen
Photo: @chincndt (Instagram)

Address: 33 – 34, Jalan Dhoby 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Operation Hours: 10 AM Р6 PM (Daily)

Contacts: 016-7132714

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

3. TIP – The Ice Cream Project

TIP - The Ice cream Project
Photo: @dinara_hanina (Instagram)

The Ice Cream Project (TIP) is one of the most popular ice cream cafes in JB. Thanks to its godly ice cream flavors and playful desserts. This industrial-chic cafe is the best place for you to stop by to quickly refill your dessert tank. Their Dragon Breath Popcorn has been the talk of the town for a while now so if you manage to drop by, be sure to give it a try.

TIP - The Ice cream Project
Photo: @chiealle(Instagram)
TIP - The Ice cream Project
Photo: @im_randyrafael (Instagram)

Address: 31, Jalan Dhoby, 80000, Johor Bahru, Johor.

Operation Hours: 12 PM Р8 PM (Daily)

Contacts: 07-2072021

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

4. Flowers In The Window

flowers in the window
Photo: @peggylababy (Instagram)

Unlike many other cafes around it, the Flower In The Window Cafe is kind of on the messy side. Sitting in here, you will be surrounded by a whole bunch of vintage decors, indoor plants, and mismatched furniture. But! The carefully planned clutters will make you feel like home. It is the perfect amount of mess to cheer up your dull afternoon. To put it simply, this cafe is a chaotic beauty.

flowers in the window
Photo: @calvin_cheong (Instagram)
flowers in the window
Photo: @jenjenjenjenchoo (Instagram)

Address: 9, Jalan Dhoby 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Operation Hours: 10 AM Р6 PM (Wednesday РMonday) | Closed on Tuesday

Contacts: 016-7767489

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

5. Bev C Cafe

bev c cafe
Photo: @bevcclothingbrand (Instagram)

Ready for a small adventure? This little cafe is located on the second floor of Bev C Boutique. Serving as a cute hideout for fashion enthusiasts. Rockin’ the Scandinavian look, it provides the best atmosphere for a quick OOTD photoshoot. The bare cement wall and¬†European window box go so well with its rattan furniture. Leaving you with a strong nostalgic vibe.

Bev c cafe
Photo: @shadowanderers (Instagram)
bev c cafe
Photo: @fluffedup (Instagram)

Address: 54, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, 80000, Johor Bahru, Johor.

Operation Hours: 10 AM Р7 PM (Thursday РTuesday) | Closed On Wednesday

Contacts: 016-7253530

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

6. F.O.C РFaculty of Caffeine

Faculty of Caffeine
Photo: @danlim7 (Instagram)

If you are looking for a cool place to vibe with great tasteful music, then we suggest the F.O.C. The cafe might be small but it gives off a huge industrial vibe. Get ready to enjoy beautiful Folamour and lofi jazz music while you sip on a good cuppa joe here. But importantly the food here is great.

faculty of caffeine
Photo: @melbourne_cafe_life (Instagram)
faculty of caffeine
Photo: (Instagram)

Address: 106, Jalan Trus, 80000, Johor Bahru, Johor.

Operation Hours: 9 AM Р6 PM (Daily)

Contacts: 012-4115909

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

7. Merah Kitchen & Bar

Merah - Kitchen & Bar
Photo: @cloverlau_lucky (Instagram)

“Merah” or red in English is the colour for passion and seduction. And honestly, this cafe is very seductive. Especially due to its creative uses of neon lighting on its walls and windows. Be bold and feel bold when you take your pictures here because you know you are going to make a statement.

Photo: @cloverlau_lucky (Instagram) Merah – Kitchen & Bar
Photo: @cloverlau_lucky (Instagram) Merah – Kitchen & Bar

Address: 17, Jalan Ibrahim, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Operation Hours: 11.30 AM Р11.00 PM (Tuesday РSunday) | Closed on Monday

Contacts: 016-9628126

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

8. Amphawa Boat Noodle

amphawa boat noodle jb
Photo: @hideeqil (Instagram)

Amongst the fancy cafes that you can find along Jalan Ibrahim, lies this budget Thai restaurant that doesn’t fall short from the others. Here, you can get boat noodles for only RM1.90 per bowl! Making it the perfect place for a budget date. Its unique and relaxing ambiance will make you feel like you are actually in Bangkok. Of course, the Thai food here tastes authentic and lip-smacking good.

amphawa boat noodle jb
Photo: @jomjalanjohor (Instagram)
amphawa boat noodle jb
Photo: @jomjalanjohor (Instagram)

Address: 40, Jalan Ibrahim, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Operation Hours: 12.00 PM Р9.30 PM (Daily)


Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

Start Exploring!

Clearly, these are only some out of many other eateries that can be found around the area. Making it a pretty hot spot among tourists and locals who wanted to chill after a long walk at the huge Bazaar Karat. Meanwhile, make sure to practice the new norm when you are out in the public okay? Let’s avoid MCO 2.0 at all cost okay?

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